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    Criterion Press Release: World of Wong Kar Wai (Blu-ray)

    For the less-principled among us, such as me, Amazon was selling this today for $60-off, not quite but close to the half-off during a B&N sale.
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    Warner Archive Press Release: The Shop Around The Corner (1940) (Blu-ray)

    Sublime. I'm thinking about the quote attributed to Billy Wilder @ Ernst Lubitsch's funeral.
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    Warner Archive Press Release: Tennessee Johnson (1942) (Blu-ray)

    I agree. Maybe because it's an election year, although by that criteria we would also be seeing a release for Gabriel Over the White House.
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    Mary Tyler Moore and Her Spin-Offs

    It was the variety show where she cast a very young David Letterman, though, right?
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    International A PLACE IN THE SUN coming to Blu-ray from Imprint Films!

    Different David ... JBHifi is located in Australia, I think.
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    Press Release Columbia Classics 4k Collection (photos)

    They had either the exact same or a very similar set on DVD. For the DVD set, the common denominator was that they were all of the Oscar Best Picture Winners that came from Colombia.
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    Crawdaddy's "Random Thoughts" about Home Video, Film & TV

    Yeah, assuming it was genuine (which I hope it was), at least one or two of the crew members were rolling in laughter after Ben's zinger!
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    Crawdaddy's "Random Thoughts" about Home Video, Film & TV

    Did anybody catch Ben's comment when the film that played before "I Wake Up Screaming" ended? The crew could be heard laughing in the background, because Ben said - coming up, this week's Noir Ally Presentation, 'I Wake Up Screaming', also the title of the autobiography written by Eddie's wife...
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    Pre-Order Underwater (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    The title of the Jane Russell movie recently released by Warner Archive is nearly identical - the only difference is that the Jane Russell title has an exclamation mark at the end. I was momentarily confused; if any of the mods think other members might be similarly confused, perhaps "2019" <if...
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    Too yellow, or too brown (or maybe both). There were lots of contentious threads here. I think at least one member was banned,
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    The Police

    I ordered the CD boxset last month. I've received it, but not listened to it (yet). I'm in the United States, but I ordered from Amazon UK. Using today's prices as an example to explain that decision, the cost at (domestic) Amazon is $46.49. When I ordered it from Amazon UK, the cost was...
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    FM antenna recommendation needed

    I'm not sure. I always use the amplification. One of the features I find appealing is that this antenna has "both" - meaning the amplification and the "rabbit ears". I should note that this unit might not be best to sit on your TV stand, but - then again - the general advice for all...
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    FM antenna recommendation needed

    I've tried many, including more expensive ones - and I like this one the best, by far. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/rca-amplified-indoor-hdtv-antenna-gloss-black/3789153.p?skuId=3789153