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    Maggie update

    Can we end this thread already?
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    Receiver upgrade advice

    Your right, after looking at the Anthem line, the budget will need to increase. I also like the look of the Outlaws. I hadn't thought of using my HK with an amp. That might be a good place to start... If my HK is a 60 watt receiver, how much power would I need in an amp to really notice a big...
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    Receiver upgrade advice

    Hi all. I am driving my Paradigm Signature 2's, which are my mains, with an HK-320. My music to HT ratio is 9 to 1. I plan to update my receiver and would like to know your recommendations on buying used equipment. What brand/models do you recommend in the $600 range. Should I do separates or...
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    Buget Receiver

    I would check Ebay for a refurbished HK from Harmon Kardon Direct. I picked up an AVR-330 for around $300 over a year ago. It's a great reciever for the price, drives my Paradigm Signature 2's quite well.
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    What is your favorite speaker audition CD?

    Sarah McClachlan The Freedom Sessions Her vocals are excellent to test imaging and clarity.
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    Pioneer dv-563A firmware upgrade

    I've been reading on other forums about problems with playback of some newer DVDA's. It appears the record industry, in their infinite wisdom, monkeyed with the anti-copy system and is not compatible with the 563. Now if you want the upgrade you must send your unit to a tech center. Pioneer...
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    I think I made my decision!

    Etronics gets lousy reviews as a store... beware.
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    I need a new vcr

    Ha! good point. My wife calls it the techno curse. Every new format is the latest and greatest-until the next one comes along. I generally buy one or two models behind the current, so I start with previous "latests and greatests"!
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    I need a new vcr

    Well, I just ordered the 2902. It just seemed to make sense based on our needs/usage. At $78 for NIB even if I only get 5 yrs out of it I will be OK with that. Can always upgrade down the road, right?... Thanks for all the input, it was very helpful. Daryn
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    I need a new vcr

    Well, we settled on the JVC HR-S2902U less features, but is available for $77.82 vs. $145 for the HR-s5912U. Thanks everyone for input, If you have anything to say about the 2902 Model that would be great.
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    I need a new vcr

    Thanks for your help everyone. The JVC 5912U looks like a good option. My wife is not as enthusiastic, wants to buy a $50 Panasonic because the Consumer Reports gives them the best rating. She doesn't care about SVHS, I think it sounds great! Which brings up one more question. How long will...
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    I need a new vcr

    Thanks, that pretty much narrows it down! But why only JVC, best features for the $$? Pardon my ignorance, but just what does SVHS do that VHS doesn't and can my mother-in-law still watch it on her regular vcr? Darn
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    I need a new vcr

    My VCR just died. It was about 15 years old and needed to be replaced anyway. I usually rent dvd's, but my son has a lot of VHS tapes. Also, (and most important) I record from my HI-8 camcorder to VHS to send to the grandparents and want the best quality at a reasonable price--$200 or less. I...
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    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    My local dealer has the sigs at the following prices S2's 2K S4's 4K S8's 6.5K C3 1.5K C5 3.5K These are from memory, I haven't been in for a month or so.