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    Wharfedale Sub

    I own a powercube 12 and to be blunt. If you want WOW factor don't waste your money. I listened to The Empire Strikes Back DVD @ -5 below Ref Level and the AT-AT scene walking is weak to say the least.. My sub is calibrated to 75dBC using the reciever's internal test tones. My Audio Equipment...
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    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    I have a few issues with the trilogy for which I hope can ratified with a dvd exchange and some can't. 1) A New Hope only plays in 5.1 when the other 2 dvd's play in DD EX 2) A very noticable audio stutter between frames at the start of each dvd. A New Hope Blockade Runner...
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    What do you guys know about Ixos?

    I'm using Ixos XHV704 Component Cable and I also have Ixos XHD308 Optical cable on standby at the moment. I'm waiting for the delivery of my receiver: Pioneer VSXD912-S. My current receiver: Pioneer VSXD209 has only analogue inputs, so I can't comment on the Optical cable at this time. But I...
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    What method do you use to toe in speakers?

    I set my speakers up using the Golden triangle method. Tools: Tape Measure, String, Push pins, Plumbob, 180 degree Protractor Tip: Use either cellotape or Blutack to a plumbob on a string to the top of the center speaker, so it falls down the middle of the tweeter. 180 degree...
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    Why are there so many speaker manufacturers?

    It's refreshing discovering speakers from a manufacturer that no-one in the main stream has heard of before... I had a listening opportunity some years ago when a friend purchased nz made speakers called Image powered by a Plinius pre & power amp combo. Most of us are patriotic towards...
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    Is AVIA benficial for people with only two speakers?

    You could calibrate your television. But you're 5.1 speakers short of fully appreciating your receiver...
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    Merged Thread: LOTR: ROTK - Theatrical & EE Release Dates? & DVD Features

    according to Onering.net LoTR RotK EE running time according to that site is 4hrs 15mins..
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    Total *LACK* of Energy Dealers in Toronto...

    I had no trouble getting Energy 4.1e's 10yrs ago and I live in NZ. Energy was well represented in NZ Audio/Video Mag then.. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Supposedly terrific movies that just didn't do it for you... and why.

    1) Terminator 3 *Shakes head and pretends it's part of the trilogy* 2) Spiderman and The Hulk *They have could have been faithfull to the comic book, as it does have pictures and dialogue* ) SW TPM & SW AOTC SW ROTJ *Misery* 4) Harry Potter 2 *Doesn't look good* 5) Superman 2 & 3 *It wasn't...
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    some idiot knocked over my Paradigm!

    Paradigm Monitor 11's cost NZ$2900 a pair. I'd smash his knees caps in... I felt the same when my drunk uncle yrs ago toppled over my Energy 4.1's...
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    As promised SVS B4+ pictures

    At least the sheer size and weight of the SVS B4 Bomber (lol) will prevent anyone from stealing it... :D
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    As promised SVS B4+ pictures

    Simon, I'm only across the ditch from you, I'm sure if theirs any earthquakes here, I will know where to look. (lol):D
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    Home Theater set up Comments

    Your choice of weapons is perfect. The only question that needs to be asked; Is your HT room fully tweaked?
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    Music lovers, what do you recommend?

    Energy Veritas 2.4i "floorstanding speakers"..
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    Wharfedale MovieStar 60+ -- Any info??

    I have tested moviestar 70+ series. For value for money the product is worth it. The center and surrounds are ideal for a living room but I have ??? on the low powered subwoofer which to me sounded boomy rather than a deep bass. The speaker stands they come with are hollow to allow the speaker...