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    Pioneer Elite VSX-35TX dying?

    I had my receiver on today (like any other day) with the TV going. I went outside for a bit and came in to some awful noise. It's hard to describe, but it was garbled noise coming from the speakers and it wasn't constant. It came in spurts. I tried all the various inputs of my receiver. I tried...
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    Weekly RoundUp 8-22-2006

    wait ... Kicking & Screaming is now a Criterion Collection? As in Will Ferrell coaching the kids' soccer team?
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    Replace/Install self-propel drive belt on Honda mower?

    Update -- I ordered the parts and worked on the mower yesterday. I put a new set of mulching blades on as well as a new drive belt. The new blade works really well -- it just purrs through the thick grass. The belt on the other hand ... As soon as I engaged the self-propel lever, the belt...
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    Spocks crib

    That's awesome. I've never watched Star Trek 2.0 -- is that what it's like?
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    Name my Softball Team

    --The Hemorrhaging Keyboards-- When I was in college, we had several intramural team names. My favorite was "Sharif and Some White People".
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    Remarkable Songbird Video

    No friggin way. That can't be real.
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    Replace/Install self-propel drive belt on Honda mower?

    I've got a Honda self-propelled mower, but the belt that connects the motor to the wheels slipped off (and is now missing after a move). How hard is it to install a new one? I've never done mower maintenance before, so I don't want to get started and then end up making things worse -- the mower...
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    Cold Coffee Question

    I can't seem to find the link, but I've seen a new small thermos recently. What makes this thermos special is that it has a two chambers -- one large central chamber where the bulk of the coffee is kept hot; the other is around the edge, allowing a small portion to cool to a temperature...
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    What to call this? Interpretive juggling?

    Pretty cool. I'd like to see the same routine, but with chainsaws.
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    Mixing parts of music on my pc.

    Essentially, you're trying to do what the very first DJ did -- extend the breaks to create a new flow of music (albeit digitally instead of using turntables and a mixer). Just keep toying around with the programs and you should figure it out. There may be tutorials either online or in bookstores...
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    Mixing parts of music on my pc.

    Andrew is right on. I hadn't heard of tracker software, but like he says, it depends on how large these portions of songs are that you'd like to mix. If you're cutting short samples, then use a sequencer or tracker. If you're looking to mix larger portions of songs together like a DJ would, but...
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    Can anyone tell me where this sound byte is from?

    You're probably thinking of Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei. If that was the portion sampled, the tempo and pitch have been altered.
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    Mixing parts of music on my pc.

    So is a "tracker" a simplified sequencer? I'd recommend software like Fruity Loops, Reason, Ableton Live, Cubase, ... I'm sure there are free ones, too. I just haven't looked into it.