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    Merged Thread: Richard Harris Dead at 72

    What an incredible actor. His portrayal of Emperor Marcus Aurelius in Gladiator gave a strong performance of his acting talents. Although I was not a Harry Potter fan, I saw the first one in the theaters. I enjoyed his part in the film very much and was looking forward to seeing him in the...
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    Testy Area 51

    Yeah...I just saw the General Lee go by!!! Wow...I can't believe somebody actually has a car like that! ;)
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    GBA again in Platinum

    I was shopping for a Gameboy Advance for myself on EBGames.com when I noticed that the GBA is once again being released in limited edition Platinum November 3rd: GBA Platinum System - $69.99 Originally released to celebrate the first anniversary of the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo is...
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    I've gone old school crazy....

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! (EXCEPT JEFF!) I've known that one for.....WHAT....over 11 years?!!? I'm old.
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    Joe Pesci where are you?

    AFAIK he is fine. I haven't read or heard anything on his health status. I don't believe there will be another Lethal Weapon. I remember seeing a biography on Mel Gibson (MSNBC, Headliners and Legends?} and he pretty much stated that LW4 is the last in the series, unfortunately! I'll give a...
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    What is your favorite music format?

    Favorite format!!?!!? MP3 of course! They might be compressed but they are good to listen to for many many hours at work on one CD-R! :) (But if you want to get technical then I guess it would be CDDA) Oh well.
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    A question for all the tweak skeptics out there.

    I agree brother, but some only see the higher $$$ and assume it's better! Are they better? No one knows. (At least I don't know) I buy el cheapo connections and they work fine w/o glitches or blips or bleeps. My room is not the best layout for speakers and well...I know my sound isn't...
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    Hi, if you're reading this...then you're bored just like me!! :)
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    Columbia...why have you done this? The Three Stooges Three Smart Saps DVD!

    Not only is this DVD missing 20 seconds of footage from Three Little Beers, it's also missing a short! The usual DVD had 6, this one has 5. The cover shot is from Three Little Twirps which is NOT INCLUDED ON THE DVD!! This is totally unacceptable to any stooge fan. I implore all fans to...
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    Why are the DVD Bond Sets 1 + 2 Discontinued??

    Can anyone explain to me why MGM has chosen to screw it's Bond fans by making the DVD sets discontinued?? The Craptastic VHS versions are readily available but I wouldn't touch those with a 10 foot pole! I'm trying to find Set #2, but I can only find it available at a ridiculous price of...
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    What's in your DVD/VHS player today ?

    DVD player has Star Wars: Episode 1 in it and my VHS player has dust...
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    What DVD Did You Watch Most This Year

    Well...I've watched Blade Runner the most at 15+ times!!! All movies in my collection I watch at least twice a year.
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    What were you doing Sept 11th at the time of the attacks?

    Was sleeping when my mom woke me up...total shock. Glued to television. (I work nights! I'm no bum!)