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    Mint Panny SA-XR55 (black) for sale now $150 + shipping (merged)

    sent you a PM regarding the xr55
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    Pronto TSU-7500 remomte and Pronto RF Extender

    Hi, Have the pronto tsu-7500 remote control as well as the pronto rfx6500 RF-extender for sale. Both with original packaging/manuals/contents. Both in excellent condition - was going to be used for a dedicated remote but have gone with a home automation system. Check out remotecentral.com...
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    FS: Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player

    PM'ed you back James
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    FS: Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player

    Hi, Have a new/sealed toshiba hd-a1 hd-dvd player for sale. Never opened - had planned on using it in a dedicated theater, but my plans have changed. Purchased from Best Buy BM. Asking $340 obo + shipping (pickup possible in central illinois). Thx, Dan
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    Harmonic Technology Precision-Link Balanced Cables (5)

    new price - $200 shipped or best offer.
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    Harmonic Technology Precision-Link Balanced Cables (5)

    For sale: 5 Harmonic Technology Precision-Link Balanced Cables. In excellent condition. Selling as I've downgraded from separates to a receiver and no longer need these cables. See http://www.harmonictech.com/products...sion_link.html for more information. Asking $250 obo + shipping.
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    Pioneer 59avi DVD player

    Pioneer has been sold
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    Pioneer 59avi DVD player

    Last bump before ebay - any takers at $505 shipped?
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    Emotiva DMC-1/MPS-1

    Thx for the comments Mike. The DMC-1 preamp has been sold. The MPS-1 7-channel amplifier is still available. Asking $1200 obo + shipping - again, pickup is available in central Illinois.
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    Pioneer 59avi DVD player

    Bump for new price - $500 + shipping.
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    Emotiva DMC-1/MPS-1

    FS: The Emotiva Twins: DMC-1 preamp and the MPS-1 amplifier. Purchased A-stock from www.av123.com and in nice condition. See the products section at www.av123.com for all specifications. Asking $2600 + shipping (have all original packaging) - (will conside serious offers). Pickup in central...
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    WTB: Big screen, non HD TV

    What minimum screen size are you considering?
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    FS: ACI Maestro Subwoofer

    Maestro is being relisted. Feel free to email with questions/requests for pics. Located in central illinois for those interested in pickup. Thx, Dan
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    Griffin Itrip for the 3g Ipod

    Hi, Selling a griffin Itrip for the 3g ipod. All original contents - itrip, packaging, CD. (Ipod is not included). Asking $12.50 shipped (CONUS) or best offer. Thx, Dan