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    Lots of stuff FS: Infinity, Vandersteen, Wharfedale, Paradigm, H/K Citation..

    bump, there is some stuff still for sale
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    Lots of stuff FS: Infinity, Vandersteen, Wharfedale, Paradigm, H/K Citation..

    bump. The Eclipse drivers are 8122 DVC. Pictures are at: http://www.polkaudio.com/images/showcase/92_18_big.jpg http://www.polkaudio.com/images/showcase/92_19_big.jpg
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    Lots of stuff FS: Infinity, Vandersteen, Wharfedale, Paradigm, H/K Citation..

    So I will keep these descriptions fairly brief to save time but please ask questions if you have any. Speakers: I unfortunately do not have the original boxes for any of these so local pickup either in Baltimore or in Leesburg highly preferred, but if you want me to ship something let me know...
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    FS: Infinity Interlude 5.1 set, Carver C-1 preamp

    Hey Guys, just a few things for sale: Minty Carver C-1 Sonic Holography Preamp. All lettering completely intact, no brassing on any of the knobs, no oxidation on the RCAs, no blemishes. Even the rubber feet on the bottom look pretty new. I will include 2 copies of the original manual (not...
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    FS: B&K ST1430 Series II - 3 Ch. Power Amp

    Let me know if the deal falls through
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    WTB: 3 Channel amp or Outlaw 7-Channel Amp

    Looking for a 3 channel amp from a brand such as: parasound, acurus, B&K, etc. Also looking for an Outlaw 7 Channel amp or another 7 channel amp
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    Parasound HCA855

    Parasound's warranty is non-transferable.
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    FS: Infinity Interlude IL60, IL36c Maple WashD.C.

    I have a pair of IL60's and an IL36c in maple for sale. At this time I would like to only entertain a local sale, the IL60 boxes were pretty badly beat up when they were shipped to me and I threw them out. If you aren't local but want them anyways send me an email and I will get back to you if...
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    Question about 1080i projectors

    I will be moving into a house that will be finished a little over a year from now and I would like to know a few things as I spec out the basement (aka theater) Can anyone speculate on the entry price for a full HD (1080 horizontal lines of resolution) DLP (or LCOS if you think it will be...
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    Speaker Stand Filling

    The point of filling is to make it heavy foremost, stiff secondmost (mdf is already pretty stiff) you could fill it with feathers but what would be the point? Some members have discussed beads of various origins, a search of this forum will lead you to their posts no doubt. BTW I do consider...
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    WTB: MyHD tuner card

    as Jeff implied I have purchased his card, so anyone may feel free to contact Matt if they are interested in his card
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    WTB: MyHD tuner card

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    WTB: MyHD tuner card

    I'm looking for an HDTV tuner card, I would prefer one of the MyHD cards, either the mdp-100 or 120 is fine. I would also be interested if someone wanted to give me a deal on something else though (dvico?). Finally, I may also be interested if you have the DVI daughtercard or a small indoor...
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    yamaha or h/k?

    get the H/K, it's awesome
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    Need help with finding a good seperate for under $1500

    DarL, from this post: "I am trying to improve the sound level of the dialog. It's hard for me to hear the dialog words even at high levels sometimes. I usually listen to DVD movies at -10 to 0 on the denon receiver, at those level the background music is often louder than the dialogs. " It...