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    THE SIMPSONS SEASON 12: Any Indication on the Type of Packaging?

    This is just fantastic. Fox Home Entertainment is now confirmed the most retarded DVD-publisher ever. No more Simpsons DVD for me
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    THE SIMPSONS SEASON 12: Any Indication on the Type of Packaging?

    A was in a store two days ago where they had the outer packaging on the shelf and it's as thin as season 11 was, so sadly i think they are still not using plastic trays. We can only hope it's more like the Futurama-movies this time
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    Will Battlestar's Ending Dissuade You From Buying the Complete Series?

    No, that it lacks "The Plan" and "Face of the Enemy" is why i am not going to buy the complete series
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    The Birth of TV on DVD: How were shows selected?

    Most likely the shows the audience at the time were most likely to buy, and considering the audience at the time was "geeks" Star Trek and X-Files probably was the likely choice
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    James Bond volumes 3 & 4??

    The only thing that will make me buy Bond on BD is if they fixed Goldeneye. What they did there is completely unacceptable for a Ultimate Edition
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    A Year in Review - Purchases Made in 2008

    This year i bought: Angel The Complete Series Heroes Season 2 Simpsons Season 11 LOST Season 4 and they all have been disappointing in a way. With Angel i got two Disc 6's of Season 4, instead of Disc 5. The Heroes-packaging fell apart, Simpsons came with the worst packaging ever and...
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    Current TV DVDs you plan to buy in 2009

    Lost Season 5 Heroes Season 3 Simpsons Season 12(and hopefully 13) Dollhouse season 1 Battlestar Galactica Complete series maybe i'll finally get X-Files
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    All-Time Worst DVD Packaging

    Simpsons season 11 is the worst ever.
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    2009 Wishlist: TV Shows On DVD?

    The only thing i want is as many The Simpsons Seasons as possible(in real packagaing)
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    Anyone else clearing out their SD-DVDs?

    I am shipping of allof my region 1 movies tomorrow, and the region 2 DVD's i have are going next.
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Got the word LOST Season 4 is on the way in the mail
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    Lost Season 4 DVD announced, lacking something important?

    Great to hear cause the DVD-set wouldn't be complete without them
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    Where can I buy the season 3 of Heros?

    August 25th 2009
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    Friday The 13th SEs/Box Set Info Coming on September 19th!?

    If the first isn't uncut i won't even bother