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    Nervous Breakdown...

    Thats the right philosphy Neil. If something is going to happen to you it's just going to happen to you. You can't prevent it and you can't make it happen. Just live your life with the understanding that you can't control everything and you are not in control of the world. When you realize that...
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    Nervous Breakdown...

    I've suffered from generalized anxiety for years now. I've always been an anti med person but I have used Xanex on occasion which works very well. Some of your descriptions of Psychological disorders are very accurate and I know your pain. I have one thing for you think about today: Do you...
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    I'm beginning to become a "DTS GUY".

    Josh brought up some good points. I guess i'd like to make this statement. If all Dolby Digital tracks were handled with the type of care and attention that the Star Wars DVDs have I wouldn't mind if DTS disappeared all together. :) Thats a big if but if it was the case this discussion...
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    Progressive Scan vs Component

    If your not going to buy a progressive scan tv I highly recommend you get a set with the anamorphic squeeze. At the very least you'll be able to watch your movies in the highest resolution possible when using a component cable. The new Sony sets just shipped and they feature 2 component cables...
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    progressive scan can be done on the dvd player of the xbox

    What makes NO sense to me is that Microsoft would not have made the Xbox progressive scan able from day one. Why wouldn't they want that as another feature to sell to people when marketing their system? It just doesn't make any sense to me. I also think it's funny that companies will make up...
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    Getting my new tv today!

    Congratualtions! I know the fun of getting a new set as I recently got one myself. Have fun and hopefully your new one is perfect! :emoji_thumbsup: Dan.B
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    Question about returning my 36" Toshiba TV back to Sears!!

    I can't remember where I read it but just recently (maybe within a week) some Sears employee was talking about this and he told a story about returning a pair of shoes some woman had bought a year prior. He said they gave her a full cash refund and all! It might have been on an after hours...
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    Has anyone seen a review of the "new" PS2 model with progressive scan playback?

    I'm wondering about the image quality of the new DVD drivers in progressive scan. Thanks for any help. Dan.B
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    What are you cleaning your screen with?

    I've use those Endust mittens that they sell in packs. They say they have NO chemicals or anything on them and they do a great job of picking up dust. Dan.B
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    Recommend PS2 racing games

    Yeah big thumbs up to Ace Combat 4! :emoji_thumbsup: Best flight combat action game available. As for racing I think Burnout 2 could be the most amazing racer ever made. Seriously, if you want to play a game that makes you feel like your in the movie Fast and the Furious this is it. Just make...
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    Witnessing Mother Nature's fury

    There is no such thing as "karma". There is however a God. Just to clarify. ;) dan.b
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    I'm beginning to become a "DTS GUY".

    I've already asked this question earlier in the thread but it's worth asking again. If the DTS folks are "cooking" their mixes why wouldn't Dolby counter and do the same with their mix? If there are inherantly things people like in a good mix than why not give the people that great mix in...
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    I'm beginning to become a "DTS GUY".

    I've got a question about this "cooked" expression thats being thrown around. Does the word "cooked" translate into "the DTS track sounds much better than the Dolby Digital track" on this board? Just wondering because that seems to be the "excuse" term when these debates flare up. Many seem to...
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    Question about returning my 36" Toshiba TV back to Sears!!

    I'm not saying anyone should expect the store to return the tv. I'm just saying why not try? More often than not you'll be suprised at what stores are willing to do for you. Dan.B
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    Question about returning my 36" Toshiba TV back to Sears!!

    I'd still try the store Kurt. Sears is usually very customer friendly and they generally want to make you happy at all costs. If you just request a new tv i'll bet they do it for you. Just be a little persistant and you'll get it done. Dan.B