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    Rockford Files Movie Collection Vol. 2 Announced!

    I'm really happy about finishing my Rockford collection. Coach is really the only universal series that I'm waiting to complete
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    Hart to Hart season 4 received (some pictures of the same included)

    I'll be picking this one up next week, however, I have been pondering the thought of waiting to see if there's a possibility of a box set of all 5 seasons I love box sets. So happy that another spelling show from the 80's is almost done, I really wish we would see a few more T.J. Hooker...
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    How many William Conrad fans? I really want to complete Cannon & Jake & The Fatman

    I love both of these shows, I just recently got Cannon season 3, and would love to be able to complete it with seasons 4 & 5. Jake & the Fatman was one of my faves that I would watch with my dad in the evening, back in the '80's. The best Jake episodes were the Hawaii episodes, which...
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    Dukes of Hazzard on Blu-ray

    I would love for them to release a proper box set of the entire series in some cool packaging, and have them include Enos. I am too young to remember watching the Enos episodes when they aired (although I'm 41) But I would love to watch them with my kids now.. I really hope that Enos is "on...
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    20th century fox TV archives MOD program

    I really want to complete The Fall Guy ( one of my faves) Mr Belvedere
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    Hart to Hart No. 3 review: "Rent it" according to DVD Talk

    I could give two hoots what a reviewer thinks of a show that I loved watching as a kid, and still enjoy now. Like someone mentioned earlier, the review should be on the DVD quality itself (picture transfer, menu option,etc) and not on someone's personal opinion on whether they like the show or...
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    Hooper (Burt Reynolds, 1978) and other WB catalog coming to BD 4/7/2015

    Great news about Hooper, one of my faves
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    CBS Status Report

    I would really love to see Jake & the Fatman, as well as Cannon completed.. I'm thinking someone like VEI will have to pick up Jake, I highly doubt CBS will continue it
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    Warner Archives in 2015, Take A Shot!

    I'm hoping for Spencer For Hire 2&3 And I would love to see Enos.. As a huge dukes fan, it would complete my collection
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    The Fall Guy, T.J. Hooker, Jake & The Fatman; my revised wishlist

    Last week was my first post in a long time, expressing my "delight" in so many shows having a second chance at a proper DVD release. Now that much of my hit list has been addressed, there still are quite a few titles that I hope will see the light of day. Again, all 70's & 80's stuff. The...
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    I had given up on classic TV/DVD releases, UNTIL this year. 2014 turned out great

    So I haven't posted on here in a long time, basically because none of the stuff I'm interested in has been released in ages, and I had pretty much given up, and figured the gravy train of 10 yrs ago had come to an end. I'm a junkie of late '70's-mid '80's action/drama & comedies I'm fortunate...
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    Hart To Hart Season 4 coming to DVD

    I have been waiting for this just like everyone else! Can't wait, once again kudos to Shout for continuing another great that I had given up :D
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    CHiPs: Season 3, Starting to get concerned...

    Quite bluntly..that sucks..
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    hart to hart season 3 where are you

    Still waiting to see the rest of this series released..
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    CHiPs: Season 3, Starting to get concerned...

    Yes, please, anyone who gets in to ask a question, please ask about the fate of CHIPS. It would be great to see at least a few more seasons released, if not all 6 seasons.