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    Used Theater Seats

    I have ten Irwin seats. I cannot remember the model name, but the backs are black and the fabric is green tweed. I will post pics later if anyone is interested. Dan
  2. Dan Seewald

    NEC 9 PG + CRT projector for sale

    I wish you luck, cause I have a Runco 980 Ultra which is the same as your NEC. It has only 20 hours on brand new tubes which are NOS (not VDC rebuilts). Colored filtered lenses. It belonged to Ken Whitcomb, an ISF technician. He sold it to me 3 years ago after he put the 20 hours on the tubes. I...
  3. Dan Seewald

    NIB Onix ELT 525M bookshelf speakers (rosewood)

    If they had a front port, I'd be all over these. My listening room is 10x12. Not enough room to let them breathe in. Dan
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    FREE! Lot of 124 DVD cardboard shipping boxes

    Just as the title says, FREE!, just pay shipping. They will come flat packed and have perforations at the folding points. I've used several of these in the past to send DVDs to other HTF DVD trading members, and have had absolutely no complaints. I'd rather get rid of them all at once to 1...
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    4 Selection Soda Fountain and Electric Beer Signs

    Sent you a PM on the fountain machine. Dan
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    WTB: Computer Memory

    I also am looking into the same type and size memory for desktop PCs of mine, but my preference would be for trading some of my DVD collection. If interested, email me with a list of what you have in memory, and I'll see what is in my collection for trade. Dan
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    Panasonic 34" Tau WideScreen TV

    Forum rules state you must post a price.
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    FT: Carada 117x50 2.35:1 screen

    I have a Stewart StudioTec 130 72" diag., 1.3 gain, 16x9 screen I'd seriously consider trading for your screen. Dan
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    Makita Automatic Drapery Opener

    Price reduced above to $300 shipped!
  10. Dan Seewald

    Makita Automatic Drapery Opener

    Model # ZZCM101 with receiving unit. I am the second owner of this system, but have never gotten around to install & using it. Everything is complete (minus curtains, of course). Track length is 2 105in. Financial drains are forcing the sale. $900 new, sell for $300 shipped to any US destination...
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    More DVDs F/S...

    Is the Rookie widescreen or pan & scan?
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    WTB these Dvds

    Sorry Linhhai N, but your message didn't appear.