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    Power Conditioners - Protection

    Ditto the recommendations to stay away from APC; I've had nothing but problems with their products. As others have said, a UPS is only necessary for critical applications where the device can't be allowed to go down. My home security system falls into that category, but not my A/V system. Also...
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    Need help in choosing A/V Receiver & Speakers

    Have you considered high quality used speakers? Unlike electronics, speaker design has remained fairly stable and a speaker that sounded great 5 years ago will still sound great today, barring damage or abuse. I paid $400 for a pair of used Vandersteen Model 2C's more than 10 years ago and they...
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    A4L. Worth buying refurb or new?

    More than half off the original MSRP, factory refurbished, with a 1 year factory warranty and the option to buy an extended warranty? As long as if meets your needs and has all the features you want, what's not to like?
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    Help on my new theater! Plz

    Unless you're planning a 9.2 set-up, the 3020 might be overkill. A 7.2 model with at least 100Wpc will probably meet all of your requirements and save you $200-$400. There's no need to match brands or tone to your other speakers when picking a sub; the output level and low end frequency...
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    Help on my new theater! Plz

    Either of those, with the matching center speaker, would give you a good qualify front soundstage, assuming you like the Polk sound. Given the size of your room, I would lean toward the 12's, but I'm sure the 10's would also work OK.
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    Help on my new theater! Plz

    Yamaha and Marantz are both good options, IMO. Atmos should be a non-factor in your decision right now. If a receiver has it, fine, it not, no loss. A previous model or refurbished receiver will give you a lot more bang for your buck. Accessories4Less is highly recommended for refurbs and...
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    Build me a home theater room for $3500 please.

    If it's for your kids I'd suggest that a projector may not be the best solution. You can get a very good 65" 1080p LED-LCD for about $1200 or a 65" 4K LCD for around $2,000. You might even be able to fit a 70" in your budget. For a receiver,http://www.accessories4less.com has a large...
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    Good replacement for Yamaha DSP-A1?

    I don't see any reason not to go for another Yamaha, especially since you like the sound. There are quite a few models in and under your price range that should be perfectly fine for your uses. Honestly, the DSP-A1 is massive overkill for how you are using it, a mid or even entry level model...
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    That evil 4 letter word to audiophiles... SONY

    I had a set of Sony cans about 10-15 years ago that sounded very nice and had surprisingly good bass. I eventually replaced them with mid-range Grados which were better, but it wasn't like night & day. OTOH, I've never heard any Sony speakers that I liked.
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    Arcam AVR 300 Input Selection Problem

    I was able to swap the CR-90 for a CR-80 and all the functions work now. And yes, the 83SE and 300 thru Vandy 2Cs are very nice.
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    AR Pre-5 Linestage

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    Arcam AVR 300 Input Selection Problem

    I just got a used AVR 300 and it came with a CR-90 remote. The AVR works fine and sounds great, but I haven't been able to figure out how to select the DVD-Audio (aka EXT 7.1 or MCH) 7.1 analog input with the remote control. The previous owner never used the 7.1 inputs, so doesn't know how...
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    AR Pre-5 Linestage

    Bump for the holidays. I will consider any reasonable offers.
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    AR Pre-5 Linestage

    Excellent analog linestage with five 2-channel inputs and one 6-channel input for MC music or home theater. Outputs are main L-R, a tape loop and a 6 channel pre-out. I am the second owner and am only selling because I was forced to down-size my system. It needs to go, the amp it drove has...
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    Samsung and Vizio Control US Smart TV Market

    From your comments I suspect that your friend had the TiVo and ATV before he/she bought the Samsung? In that case he probably just hooked everything back up the same as it was before. Also, I don't agree with the suggestion that the TV can do everything a TiVo or an ATV does. It may have a guide...