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    A few question re: Burnout Revenge and PGR3 for the 360

    For the BMW, you have to go to the car list and "buy" the BMW...it costs $0, and then put it in a garage.
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    Peter Gabriel UP Sacd arrived today!

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    Collective Soul: 7even Year Itch - Bad Pressing?

    I just checked my copy, and I don't own the original album it was on either, but I didn't notice any problems. Are you referring to the percussion? If so, it's likely that it's just the intended sound.
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    How I Met Your Mother - ongoing thread

    I'm enjoying this show as well, but I too am wondering how they'll make us not wish he ended up with Robin. Yeah! It took me a while before I realised who that was.
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    "If you could see any band in history..."

    Definitely would have loved to see The Who somewhere between '69-'76.
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    What's a decent joystick to use on PC? And where to get it?

    The upcoming Xbox 360 controllers (the wired versions) will be compatible with an XP PC as well.
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    Pink Floyd said to reunite for Live 8....Really!

    MTV's coverage was a disgrace. They came in on the end of Pete & Rog's first song & cut off before the end of their second & last song...yeah, why not stop right before the climax of Won't Get Fooled Again, that's a good idea. :angry: Completely idiotic. :emoji_thumbsup: to Pete & Rog &...
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    Queens of the Stone Age -- Lullabies to Paralyze

    Thanks for the impressions. I've become a fan of this band since Songs & I went and picked up their previous 2 albums also.
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    NORTHERN EXPOSURE - The Complete Second Season?

    Any impressions on this set yet? I'm still waiting on my order to arrive.
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    New Fiona Apple

    Fans might want to check out http://www.freefiona.com They're organising an apple-themed mail campaign, as well as other events, to petition the release of the album. Make yourself heard.
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    Dead Like Me S2 (ongoing thread)

    I didn't like what happened in this episode...he totally went overboard! I'm very disappointed.
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    Why am I getting a scrambled picture for Fable?

    I think the problem is limited to a very small number of people with certain TVs. I haven't heard anything about a new edition. I'm not aware of any other games with this problem, although one of EA's James Bond games has an issue where you need to turn off 1080i in the dashboard setting in...
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    Why am I getting a scrambled picture for Fable?

    Here's another post at the Xbox forums which makes it a little more clear & simple:
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    Why am I getting a scrambled picture for Fable?

    There is a workaround for this game, I'll see if I can find the link... Here's the info:
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    What Hirez Discs Have You Purchased Recently?

    Picked up this weekend: SA-CDs: -Aerosmith "Toys in the Attic" Single Layer :frowning: (the tracks I've listened to so far sounded really great) -Dave Brubeck "Time Out" Single Layer :frowning: -John Mayer "Heavier Things" -Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road w/ Bonus DVD DVD-As...