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    Question about Paradigm Studio/20s

    Yes. I'm using Studio 40's and Studio 20's with a Parasound HCA2205at without a problem. It makes these speakers really sound great. This amp is 220watts per channel so go for it.
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    Yet Another DVD Player Suggestion Request...

    Jon, haven't tried the Video CD's. The manual says it can play them though. Doesn't mention MP3's at all. It does say it can play DVDRW,SACD,VideoCD,DVD Video,CDR,CDRW,and CD's. For the money this player can't be beat IMO. The only complaint I have with this player is the slow layer changes and...
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    Yet Another DVD Player Suggestion Request...

    You might want to look at the Sony DVP-NC650V. No DVD-A but it does have SACD,and will play CD,CDRs and CDRW. Saw them at Best Buy this weekend for $249. I have one of these players and think for the money its the best changer out there. You can see one at Crutchfields site.
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    5 channel amp for Paradigm Studio 100's

    I'm using a Parasound 2205AT with Studio 40's and it's very nice. You might want to try that amp with the 100's. Also have read here and other places the Sherbourn 1500 works well with the 100's. Just a couple of other options for you to consider. I would think though for the 100's at least...
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    Lightning damage... Sony DVP-530

    You might try taking the cover off the player to get at your disk. Other than that let the insurance company get you a new player. I've had to remove the cover from my Sony player before in order to retrieve stuck disc and there's nothing to it.
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    Parasound HCA-855

    I sent an email to Parasound concerning their "classic" line. The reply I received is that they are NOT discontinuing that line it is going to be sold along with the new upper end Halo products. The wording was they will stay current and continue to be sold at dealers across the nation. The Halo...
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    question about adding amp to receiver

    Brian, just noticed there is a Sunfire Cinema Grand over at www.audiogon.com for a minimum bid of $1099 new in the box. You might want to check out the amps for sale there. There's also a Sherbourn 5/1500 for $1350. Just a thought.
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    question about adding amp to receiver

    Sorry just reread your post and realized you are looking at 5 channel amps.
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    question about adding amp to receiver

    Brian, are you looking for 5 ch. amps also? I'm using Parasound 2205AT and love it. 220WPCx5. You might consider this one or the Sherbourn 5/1500a,Rotel 1095 or 1075. The Anthem's also get a lot of use. Outlaw sells some capable amps also. Check all of these out as they are in different price...
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    Anyone using Sony DVP NC650V?

    Like KeithH, I agree on the James Taylor disc it is great in the SACD format. I don't know what kind of music you listen to but so far of the few SACD's I have, my favorite is the Orff Carmina Burana hybrid multi-channel disc. Its from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus. This thing is...
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    question about adding amp to receiver

    What speakers are you using?
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    Anyone using Sony DVP NC650V?

    I've noticed that certain layer changes, depending on the disc, are slower than others. How slow? Noticeable. A second or so on the slowest and hardly noticeable on others. This has a lot to do where the layer change is in the disc. As far as noise from the player the only time I hear it is from...
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    Looking for a new DVD player

    Ineterested in a DVD,SACD changer? Try the the Sony DVP-NC650V. On sale at Best Buy for $249 + tax. Maybe J & R also has this price. Try OneCall also.
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    Anyone using Sony DVP NC650V?

    I've got one of these players. No chroma bug that I've seen. The picture quality is very good to excellent. The tray action is quite a bit better than Sony's previous model that I was using (DVP-C650D). As far as layer changes they are noticable,but like any other player that depends a lot on...
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    Add Amp or Upgrade Speakers?

    Edward,I did try a different brand of amp(Anthem MCA5II),but at the time I didn't have the Reference series speakers. I was just using the amp from my dealers stock to try out before doing an upgrade on a lot my equipment. I went with the 2205a instead. I liked the way it worked with the...