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    HTF REVIEW: The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season (Highly Recommended!)

    Oh my god, is that a PLAY ALL option I see on one of those pictures?!
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    Artisan planning a Total Recall "Extreme Edition"

    If Artisan is running out of catalog titles they should release an "Extreme Edition" of Reservoir Dogs and do a good transfer this time.
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    Pumping Iron ANNOUNCED

    This film was released on DVD a few years back, but due to certain defects, it was eventually recalled.
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    The consolidated, all-in-one DUEL DVD discussion thread

    Yep, party's over, Amazon is not taking any more orders. Since some people apparently received a perfectly good Duel dvd while others didn't, it would be nice if Universal would at least EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS TITLE. Or are they just going to let the public speculate...
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    Scarface Deluxe Gift Set - 9/30/2003

    I sure hope they don't screw up the re-release of Scarface. I'm getting worried that this film is never going to be done properly on DVD.
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    NBC Enterprises Pacts to Bring 10 Series to DVD

    Kelly Kapowski looks like she desperately needs to run and take a piss in that cover pic.
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    Spike TV

    I wouldn't worry about the schedule, I'm sure they'll continue showing RealTV and Star Trek ten times per day regardless of the network name.
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    Spike TV

    This lawsuit is almost as stupid as this classic... A Montana man named Jack Ass sued Viacom, accusing them of plagiarizing and defaming his good name in connection with the show "Jackass."
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    September 2nd...Monster release date coming!

    You left off the BIGGEST DVD RELEASE EVER...Saved by the Bell - The 1st & 2nd Seasons!
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    I love 'I LOVE THE 80's'!

    How many million more times is VH1 gonna replay this show? It seems like it's been playing on a continous loop for weeks now.
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    Simpsons Season 3...August 26th

    Hell yea, the Simpsons release schedule is just fine with me! Even if it takes three years between releases it's all for the better. God knows the quality contol on these releases so far has been second to none. What a bunch of ungrateful crybabies. Just be happy you still have your health and...
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    Simpsons Season 3...August 26th

    Didn't Season 2 come out in early or mid-August of 2002? That's over a year between seasons. The actual first run televised seasons themselves come out faster than this. They're actually losing ground now.
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    NBC Enterprises Pacts to Bring 10 Series to DVD

    Saved by the Bell: The Complete First & Second Seasons on September 2! This is easily the greatest news in the history of the DVD format.
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    HTF REVIEW: "Road House" (with screenshots)

    This is obviously one of the greatest movies ever made. The fact that it's not on the AFI top 100 movies list is a damn travesty. This deserved a huge 3 disc special edition, but at least they did the picture and sound justice.
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    U2 "Best of 1990-2000" DVD

    I doubt it. They released them on VHS a few years back, and they were supposed to come out on DVD too but Polygram got sold and all their pending DVDs were cancelled.