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    Let’s have a Mayberry Blu Ray pack.

    I would love to see something like this as well, but like everyone else I see it as very, very unlikely. I will never say never though. I never would have expected an "I Dream of Jeannie" Blu-Ray set but it's coming. The post above me highlighted another major problem TAGS would have. There are...
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    Canadian Alf: The Complete Series any different?

    Are any of the "foreign" releases of ALF that are uncut in NTSC or are all of them in PAL format?
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    Mayberry RFD

    The word was the retail release was "discontinued" due to poor sales, and then they brought it back as MOD. Why they didn't just do Seasons 2 & 3 then is beyond me too!
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    Mayberry RFD

    I'd say it more likely is due to lack of interest on their part, and/or poor sales. I'm one of the few (I would guess) Andy Griffith fans that actually likes RFD, so I'm right there with you. I wish they'd complete it. Time Life's "Mayberry Collection" set recently included some episodes of...
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    Complete Series before DVD/Blu-Ray

    Ironically I've done the same thing with "I Love Lucy". I own all the volumes of the Columbia House VHS series. Our local Waldenbooks store stocked VHS releases of The Andy Griffith Show- they called them "Double Features" with two episodes per tape. These were sourced mainly from other 16mm...
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    Complete Series before DVD/Blu-Ray

    The whole TV on DVD/Blu-Ray thing has spoiled all of us I think. I was thinking back this week to what it was like before DVDs. How many people made it your mission back in the old VHS days to collect every episode of a series, or multiple series, by recording them off TV or using places like...
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    Gomer Pyle USMC

    I'm guessing they are the same, but has anyone ever compared the Region 4 Australian DVD set to see if the episodes included in it are edited like those in the USA? Also, is there a complete list out there of all the edits? I just ordered the Time Life "Mayberry Collection" set. Another user...
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    The Andy Griffith Show: Missing Scenes, Laugh Tracks, And Other Issues

    I ordered the Mayberry Collection set. You can use the Coupon Code "SAVE10" to bring the price down to $89.95 at least. Still steep, but having those episodes "complete" and more RFD out there was the deciding factor for me. I'm a sucker for these though. I also own the "Best of" release they...
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    Can someone explain the Carol Burnett releases?

    I have a question that I'm hoping one of you can help me with. I'm a big "Mama's Family" fan, and would love to see all of "The Family" sketches from the Carol Burnett Show that spawned that series. As I understand it, the sketches began in Season 7. Have all of them (or most of them) appeared...
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    The Andy Griffith Show: Missing Scenes, Laugh Tracks, And Other Issues

    Wow.. that's a big development considering even the streaming versions of Andy Griffith on Amazon and other platforms don't have those portions included. I'm probably going to spring for this set just to get the additional RFD episodes included in it.
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    The Brady Bunch 50th Anniversary. Might we finally see a Brady Blu-ray

    Yep, it's the "one huge plastic case" that the Complete Series CBS/Wal-Mart are putting out now seem to be going to. Personally, I like them, but like many others I rip all of the episodes to network hard drives and then put the discs away for storage. I should get my set today. Has anyone...
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    Mayberry RFD

    Thank you for posting this! I've always been a huge Mayberry R.F.D fan (and back in the late 1990's even ran a website dedicated to it). I hate to drop so much $$ on a set that is mostly duplication of the Complete Series sets, but those 9 additional episodes will be great to see in their...
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    CBS/Paramount Complete Series Craze

    I've seen a similar one for "Gomer Pyle USMC" too. I actually kind of like the concept since it takes less room and still seems to have the discs somewhat separated. In your experience do those have different UPC codes or are they just repackaging and using the same UPC? Just trying to figure...
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    CBS/Paramount Complete Series Craze

    So I've been looking recently at picking up a few "Complete Series" sets for shows I've missed. Based on the photos I'm seeing have they "reinvented" some of these packages yet again? For Laverne and Shirley I'm seeing two versions. The first has a slip case with Seasons 1-5 being in one case...
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    Any word on Mayberry RFD Season 2 and 3?

    The Decades Channel aired the entire series on one of their "Binge" weekends several months ago. I was fortunate enough to capture all the episodes from seasons 2 and 3 then. I just have to find the time to edit the commercials out of them and I'll have my own set of Seasons 2 & 3 to tide me...