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    Funeral for Sharp XV-Z9000u

    So what is a realistic price break down? And a realistic package price? Thanks Jon
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    Home Theater for sale

    Hello My Name is Jon and I'm new to your forum. Not sure if I'm posting in the proper place as I'm learning to navigate your website. On Another note I'm looking to find a home for my Home Theater that was never completed. Not that you need the details, but a divorce halted this many years ago...
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    Funeral for Sharp XV-Z9000u

    Ouch,.....Is reality that Bad on any of the 3 items listed? Thanks Jon
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    Funeral for Sharp XV-Z9000u

    Hello my name is Jon, I have a Sharp XV-Z9000U that has never been out of the box. Any idea what its worth in todays market? Had dreams of a theater in another life...lol Have a SteStewart 110" screen ( bought as a demo ) Have a Faroudja Native Rate Processor 16.9 HD display 720p ( bought as a...