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    Advise on pre-build and post-build for Media Room

    whatever you decided to do, I hope you used good acoustic panels. So many forget this all important step. Acoustics are key to any true home theater setup. If I see a Home Theater without acoustics, I think rookie every time.
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    Miller's Theater

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    Basement Home Theater....on a budget.

    That is a dope dope set up. I would add some DIY acoustic panels; however. Acoustics are key if you want a "legit" Home Theater experience. Fancy stars in your ceiling wont do much for the experience, but acoustics will take shit up several notches.
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    Some long awaited photos of my upgrades.

    sweet seat up, Shannon. I espically love the names for your equipment. Sexual chocolate is my personal favorite
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    My Theater is complete!

    received my sconces at Lowe's. they are very nice and we love them The cieling is like that due to duct work. I do not notice any sound problems, and it is fine. thanks for the compliments!
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    My Theater is complete!

    thanks Jim, great minds think alike!....:) Flat black may not be that bad...finger prints, I mean hand prints, may not show up as much. Good luck!!
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    My Theater is complete!

    yes, it is an eggshell finish...good eye! I wanted to use flat paint, but couldn't justify it in the end. I had two choices, a little bit of gloss, or repaint every 2 years until the kids graduate high school. I went with the eggshell. With the lights out, it is pitch black and there is...
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    My Theater is complete!

    yes, the low cieling was an issue. Need a projector with a lens shift. thank you
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    My Theater is complete!

    thank you for the kind comments, the klpisch sound awesome! my HT space is 13' wide and 22' long.
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    My Theater is complete!

    http://www.hometheaterforum.com/gall...6160&g2_page=2 Very excited, been wathcing movies and this is awesome! Started January 2006, just put the screen up last week. Finally done...all comments and suggestions welcome! Equipment list: Diplay: Panasonic PTAX100U Speakers L/C/R...
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    My new Ht room

    sweet theater, bro! love the clean look of it. I just ordered my projector on yesterday from projector people and will finally be able to share with everyone as well. great work, and as someone always says on here, find the time to enjoy it!
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    Optoma Home Theatre

    Chairs are not that bad. Take the $1,000, and build a few walls and cover the walls with sheet rock. Will look much better and improve the sound.
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    15 min of fame

    Ray, I responded to the ridiculous comments on the electronichouse site and will respond to them here as well. That fool Alex is nothing more than that...a fool. He does not understand why people like us would ever take on a challenge like building a dedicated HT. His problem is he...
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    15 min of fame

    just got my issue of HT magazine in the mail today. Wow...I'm jealous. When I'm done, I would love to have my HT featured like that. nicely done, my friend
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    15 min of fame