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    Stan Winston R.I.P.

    I met Mr. Winston on three occasions, the last time being about a year ago when he and his wife had checked into the hotel that I work for. I can truly say he was an extremely nice person and a true gentleman. His work dates back as far as the t.v. mini-series Roots and The Autobiography of...
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    *** Official SPEED RACER Discussion Thread

    Chuck, I do apologize for my delayed response, but time hasn't been in my favor for the past few days. I will try my best to respond to your post over the weekend. I do have my reasons for not liking Speed Racer and I look forward to sharing them.
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    *** Official SPEED RACER Discussion Thread

    I'm curious, why do you feel like you have to defend the movie against anyone who hasn't seen it, but doesn't think it is a good movie. For many people the trailers for Speed Racer just didn't win them over, why is that such a hard concept for many on this forum to understand. Chuck, what...
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Rambo: 2-Disc Special Edition

    Thanks for the review Matt. I'm just curious, why do so many of you on this forum use this latest Rambo film to put down Rambo 2 and 3. Rambo 2 was the most successful film of the franchise and for a good reason, it's a damn good action flick. Rambo 2 is the film that made the character the...
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    HTF BluRay Review: The Golden Compass

    Good Review Sam, very informative, thank you very much. I thought Sam's review might prompt me to give this film a second chance, but I'll be skipping the Golden Compass altogether. I saw this film in the theaters and found it to be jumbled mess and Sam's review only re-confirmed my feelings...
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    WHV Press Release: Fastlane: The Complete Series

    Thanks for the reply, Travis.
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    WHV Press Release: Fastlane: The Complete Series

    Hi Ron, Please correct if I'm wrong, but the Suggested Retail Price, isn't necessarily the price that this box set will be sold at? I thought this series was really fun and I wouldn't mind owning it, but not at $60.00 dollars. I'm hoping this series will be sold at somewhere around $30.00...
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    Most disappointing abandoned dvd series

    I honestly don't know if this show has been abandoned or not, but I haven't anything about "The Practice" since volume one. And what of the fate of "Boston Public"???
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    *** Official SAW IV Discussion Thread

    I don't know if this has ever been mentioned before, but I think what will happen , is that movie #6 will tie everything together. Saw VI will be the final piece of the puzzle, henceforth the name Jigsaw Puzzle. I think each film is a but a piece to a large cinematic puzzle. Of course, that is...
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    It's way past October 5 and this film still seems to be in a limited release status. I live in the Los Angeles area and this film is still in only a handful of theaters. Does anyone know if this film will distributed to more theaters in the upcoming weeks?
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    WHV Press Release: Blade Runner: The Final Cut (DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray)

    Zachary, Thanks for the info.
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    WHV Press Release: Blade Runner: The Final Cut (DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray)

    Yeah, I agree Bryan. I don't need all those extra little toys, but the work print sounds to damn tempting to ignore. Oh well, I guess I'll be spending about $80.00 bucks around Christmas time. I wonder if some stores will have a reserve list for the limited edition 5-disc set. Creating these...
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    ISIS Coming!!!!!

    Ages 16 and 13, therein lies your problem Rick. Isis as a show is really intended for ages 10 and below. Actually, I'd go as far as to say even between ages 4 to 9. The show debuted in 1975 and I was 4 going 5 years old, and I loved the show. But by the time I was 13, I had already been...
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    ISIS Coming!!!!!

    Stop you're killing me, Tuesday can't get here fast enough . I too will be at the Comic-Con next week. David, I hope all those people you mentioned will not be showing up on Thursday, because I won't be in San Diego until Friday. I remember attending the Filmation Panel back at Comic-Con...
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    ISIS Coming!!!!!

    Hey David Levine, Thanks for the information. I am so happy this series has finally been officially released, now I can put away my bootleg copies. I have Jason of Star Command, Space Academy, and Ark II, but Isis and Shazam are the two live action Filmation series I have always wanted the most...