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    CBS/Paramount Complete Series Craze

    The HD restoration of ST:TNG wasn't done soley for Blu-rays. It has allowed the show to continue to be syndicated on TV such a BBCAmerica.
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    Cannon And Others Coming Back Courtesy Of VEI

    Has anyone figured out what happened to the 35mm negatives of Cannon? The age of materials? Streets of San Francisco another other Quinn Martin shows didn't look this bad on DVD.
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    UFO TV Series....insane price jumps

    While Shout! Factory put out nearly all of Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation shows, they have no plans for UFO and Space:1999 when I asked them after Thunderbirds came out.
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    Questions Shout! Factory Answers On Facebook About Stalled Holy Grail Shows

    The first few episodes of SCTV90 were greatest hits packages thus Ramis popped up in a few sketches.
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    Shout Factory! at Comic Con - TV Show On DVD Announcements?

    shoutfactorytv is a free streaming site - think they use Hulu. There's no charge. It's a great way to get a sample of the stuff that you can get on DVD and Blu-ray from Shout.
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    Do long runs hurt shows DVD chances?

    The price of redoing post production is rather steep especially for 177 episodes. This is something the rights holders of LA Law need to do and not Shout! Factory. The only show that has done a complete post overhaul for HD is Star Trek the Next Generation and they already had a cable deal for...
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    Timeless New Acquisitions!

    You have listed 6 series that while black and white also have deep cult following roots. They've pretty much had healthy lives in syndication since they left the air. They have original fans and every year they get new fans who catch them on various cable channels. Just because people love Donna...
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    The Wire on Bluray... Will it ever appear?

    The legacy of Six Feet Under isn't quite as strong as The Sopranos and The Wire - which constantly get named. When has the last time it got rerun on cable? Since before Bravo was into cooking and housewives?
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    love, american style

    It'd be nice if Shout! Factory would put out a complete collection.
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    New Retro TV Channel - Decades

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-weigel-digital-tv-network-20140929-story.html Can't find a schedule, but it seems heavy on NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues.
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    New Retro TV Channel - Decades

    It is strange that Me-TV is creating a rival for itself using CBS' programming.
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    2014 & 2015 TV Guesses

    Banana Splits Maude Complete Space Giants complete Flying Blind
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    Square Pegs

    Sony had put it out as a 3 DVD set a few years back.
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    A lot of people that worked on Cheers also worked on Taxi. The show is amazing in how it made main characters vanish. The Southern cabbie is completely forgotten after the first season. Bobby gets written off when they realize he's the same character as Bobby.
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    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    It will be interesting to see how limited edition the Blu-ray will be. And no price is too great to see Julie Newmar in 1080p.