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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Nightmare Alley – in Blu-ray

    SIGNAL One Entertainment have for the past 5 years continually given release dates for this movie and every time have failed to deliver.
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    Pawnbroker (1964) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    and no ENGLISH sub-titles . UK release will have English ST.
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    Question about Girl from Petrovka German blu ray

    Yes ...I need sub-titles ........and this BD has English sub-titles and only English sub-titles even though released in Spain !!
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: There Was A Crooked Man (1970) (Blu-ray)

    Great film and a real enjoyable watch. Good catchy music score as well but sadly never released .
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Nightmare Alley – in Blu-ray

    Blown out Blown up what the hell folks.........I am buying this one for sure.
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    Question about Girl from Petrovka German blu ray

    I have this BD from Spain. It is an official release [ not a bootleg ] . Picture quality is good and sound also. It is a UNIVERSAL release and is Region Free.
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    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Great movie Great cast and Great music score . Looking forward to this one.
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    Pre-Order Randolph Scott 12-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I agree with you as my time is limited so will order . The same for me was for the Columbo TV complete box set in bluray but only available from Japan . I have been saving up for the this box set for quite...
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    Missing United Artists Classics

    I am the same in not realizing just how important this site is. The daily information and fantastic reviews on BD releases is now missing but hopefully back soon.
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    The Sea Hawk – Blu-ray Review

    BD of Captain Blood you say is unlikely to be forthcoming and this is really sad . Problem is not many of the young today have ever heard of : Errol Flynn .....which is even sadder .
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Greatest Show on Earth – in Blu-ray

    In the UK we no longer have Circuses with animals [ lions tigers elephants and so on ] due to animal cruelty so this movie is really a reminder of what we in UK once had. They were hugely popular and...
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    Actor Yaphet Kotto has passed at 81

    Great actor and his voice was unmistakable . RIP.
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    Press Release Scream Factory Press Release: Sphinx (1981) (Blu-ray)

    Enjoyable film with a wonderful film score by Michael J Lewis. Should have been Oscar nominated and promo CD is available by the composer .
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    Press Release Scream Factory Press Release: The Awakening (1980) (Blu-ray)

    I agree ..it is not a great movie but actually very enjoyable and well acted with an outstanding music score which is available on CD . Certainly I will buy this BD along with also announced THE SPHINX another...
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    International Via Vision Entertainment Announces Premium Blu-ray Label "IMPRINT"

    Just received : Breakdown and Black Sunday. Checked both quickly for picture quality only. Breakdown is really nice and coloring is fine. Black Sunday was released on DVD and was poor infact very poor. The bluray is a...