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    Am I overreacting or should I be this upset with my girlfriend? (long read)

    You love her But she loves him And he loves somebody else You just can't win And so it goes Till the day you die This thing they call love It's gonna make you cry I've had the blues The reds and the pinks One thing for sure (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks...
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    Am I overreacting or should I be this upset with my girlfriend? (long read)

    There's nothing you can do about it. If they are determined to meet up for sex - it's going to happen. You have already seen many red flags of this approaching event, so you have to start thinking about yourself. Is this what YOU want? How long are YOU going to put up with this? She...
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    *** Official THE HANGOVER Review Thread

    Wife and I saw it last night. Loved it! Make sure you stay for the photo show at the end ... some of those pictures are REALLY DISTURBING! :D
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    Cult Classic?

    Rocky Horror will always be the #1 cult movie. Phantom of the Paradise was another good one. Almost has that "Rocky" formula.
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    Zombie Movie Appreciation Thread

    Check out SPLINTER.
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    *** Official SEVEN POUNDS Discussion Thread

    Connie and her two kids. Seven.
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    Can one store sandbags?

    You know what feels like bags of sand?
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    Freddy mask

    Hey, Joe! Yeah, I couldn't help bragging about your work! How's the TREEHOUSE poster? (Just sold another print today!) Did you ever sell your life-sized Pumpkinhead? - Colton
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    Let The Right One In

    Forgive me. The pubis scene happens so fast (and it's abit uncomfortable) that I didn't notice any scars. The film should have made it more obvious that Eli was castrated.
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    Let The Right One In

    I never thought Eli as a boy. Her comment to Oskar, "I'm not a girl" meaning she actually a very old woman. The scene showing her pubis clarifies to Oskar that Eli really is a female. Yes, the Handler came off as a pedophile very clearly. The scene of Oskar's father and his drinking buddy...
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    Tron Remake in the Works at Disney

    Ugh ... probably straight to DVD. Maybe if this idea came out two years after the first, but now ... the magic just isn't there anymore.
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    *** Official DAWN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    Now go play Left 4 Dead. You'll love it!
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    Worst Movies Ever Made?

    1. Night Patrol (1984) Walked out of this stinker. 2. Last Days (Kurt Cobain's last days ... just puttering around doing nothing). 3. Inland Empire (David Lynch's artistic flop) 4. Alien Resurrection (Awful!) 5. Epic Movie (It doesn't get any worse than this!) 6. Brian DePalma's...
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    *** Official Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review Thread

    Watched a sneak preview last night to a packed theater. A big applause when the "Lucas Films" logo came up. You can feel the anticipation building. It starts off good and the pacing is fine, but at some point the whole "crystal skull" becomes ... well, dull. It just doesn't have that same magic...