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    What 10 Spielberg movies would you take to a desert island?

    I didn't think I could find 10 I'd want to take to a desert island but it was easier than I thought. In alphabetical order: A.I (I like this film better as time goes on) Bridge of Spies Catch Me If You Can Close Encounters The Color Purple Empire of the Sun Lincoln The Post Raiders of the Lost...
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    Is 1939 overrated? What are some other classic years?

    Since I'm on a roll, I'll also nominate 1974 as a significant year for cinema based on 5 films and 3 directors: Chinatown The Conversation The Godfather Pt2 Young Frankenstein Blazing Saddles If you need more than 5: Swept Away A Woman Under The Influence Lacomb, Lucien The Parallax View...
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    Is 1939 overrated? What are some other classic years?

    I don't think 1939 is overrated. Besides, that year saw the release of one of my favorite of all time: The Rules of the Game. I'm not exactly down on 21st century cinema. 2006, for example was a year boasting a very strong group of films and it was just a scant 11 years ago: Children of Men...
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    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

    I wouldn't put too much stock in thetrailers commercials or the vid at Salon. And I've seen the most recent theatrical trailer numerous times in the theater. Editing can easily distort a film's emphasis. Movie Bilbo may be occassionally sharp tongued, which is within his character. But an...
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    A Few Words About While we wait for A few words about...™ Lawrence of Arabia -- in 4k/UHD Blu-ray

    FWI, I remember reading a Jackson interview when FOTR was released with a quote stating he framed the close-ups quite tightly to emphasize the actors' eyes. Dang those pastrami sammies looked good! This thread makes me hungry. Saw LOA on the big screen during its original theatrical release...
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    Bose Accoustimas / Onkyo Receiver / BOOMING base!

    The first gen Bose Acoustimass systems were incredibly awful for stereo listening. All generations were regarded with disdain and derision by high end audiophiles. What sold these systems was their tiny, decor friendly size and Bose's superb marketing. Bose was not then, nor it it now, serious...
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    The Avengers (2012)

    You really need to see this on the big screen. REALLY. Try a weeknight showing or a 10pm show.
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    Star Trek sequel scheduled for May 17, 2013 Release

    I suspect that summer 2012 date is impossible at this point, and 2012 holiday season is probably iffy too. The "Committee" apaprently agrees, saying 2012 is not set in stone. Here's Orci quoted at treknation.com: "The worst thing we could possibly do would be to put something into...
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    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

    I was quite happy to have the elves at Helm's Deep. Indeed, I'd have been quite happy to have had more elves in LOTR, and I didn't find the ones that were wimpy in the slightest. The movies weren't about the elves, you know. I could have, however, done without Legolas surfboarding. I...
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    Who is your all-time favorite movie villain?

    I don't find most SF and blockbuster film villains very compelling (except Rickman, who is always a treat). However, I would not like to meet any of these movie bad guys in daylight, much less in a dark alley. Bobo, the bookie and underworld figure played by Pat Hinkle in The Grifters...
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    RIP John Barry; Dead at 77

    One of the great film composers - I was surprised he was only 77. We're watching Lion In Winter tonight, purely by chance.
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    True Grit (2010)

    Having read Charle Portis's novel only a month or so before seeing the film, I would judge that well over three-quarters of the dialog was taken directly from the book. The novel was famous at the time of its publication for the cadence of its dialog. Unlike many other categories, there is no...
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    What movie do you most detest?

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    Wishlist for the next year?

    Patty, aren't the LOTR EEs coming out at end of year? Or did I dream that... I'm on board with your list, and I would rather have 1776 than Mary Poppins. Plus, I want the FULL version of Fanny & Alexander.