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    West Side Story (2020)

    Does this mean that future films about Cleopatra and Jesus , that they cannot be cast by a white person? Almost all of us are of mixed races and every human being has African genes in their bodies. I am all for casting anyone suitable for a role regardless of their race...
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    CAN-CAN 1960 will probably never be released on Blu-ray

    Then you can pity me as I had to endure this very tedious film numerous times in 70mm where I worked. As mentioned previously THE BIBLE was originally going to cover the whole Bible story with another film to follow .Apparently Fox changed their minds and that is why they changed the...
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    I saw MIDNIGHT COWBOY in the cinema when it was first released-It ran for almost a year at the same cinema where I live. It was a huge success.Truly a masterpiece and what an ending-unforgettable.
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    CAN-CAN 1960 will probably never be released on Blu-ray

    What is GSET John?. BIG FISHERMAN was very overlong at 3 hours but had a great cast. We only screened the film in 35mm as mentioned before.Not a film to recommend. I doubt that there were many countries that had a 70mm print. A lot of films projected in 70mm were only ever shown in...
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    Mulan (2020)

    ARTEMIS FOWL was a very tedious and empty film.Not surprising that it lost money. Superb special effects but nothing else.
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    CAN-CAN 1960 will probably never be released on Blu-ray

    Despite having 70mm installation where I worked, we only had THE BIG FISHERMAN in 35mm. I don't think that Disney had any faith in this film in 70mm. It was never a highly regarded film despite a great cast. It was also very overlong.
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    West Side Story (2020)

    Let us not forget the disastrous remake of SOUTH PACIFIC (for TV). Truly the worst remake of a classic film in history.Makes you want to vomit when watching it. Has any other reader ever seen it? Saw both SOUTH PACIFIC and SOUND OF MUSIC -both in 70mm where I worked at least a 100 times...
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    Gay-Friendly Blu-rays

    Not a very good film. A bit far-fetched.I am watching the new Disney series LOVE VICTOR- A pleasant series but not as good as the film LOVE SIMON.
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    CAN-CAN 1960 will probably never be released on Blu-ray

    CAN-CAN on bluray would be great. Saw this film in Todd-AO numerous times where I worked , on our 60 ft wide and curved screen. It was so popular that it was re-issued a few times.Memories of the film were also bought back to me after seeing Leslie Caron,Louis Jordan and Shirley...
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    I saw ZULU at the Embassy Cinema in Wellington,New Zealand - they had the largest screen for 70mm projection in Australasia. The film was shown in 70mm also in Auckland and Christchurch. It was also shown in Sydney,Australia when re-issued or 12 July 1968.
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    Also another reason was that few countries had 70mm installation when the RAINTREE COUNTY was released.
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    I saw ZULU in 70mm on a 62 ft wide screen when it was first released. So why do you say that 70mm prints were 'dumped' for 35mm release only?
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    Has any reader seen the TV series CONTROL Z yet? I found it to be a brilliant series with two reservations: Why do many of the High School students look far too old to be still at school? The other problem was why were almost all of the students very good looking? Surely in real...
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    Fiddler On the Roof movie remake from director Thomas Kail

    An all Yiddish production will be performed by the Australian Opera Company at the Sydney Opera House in the future.