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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! I cannot wait fo this release!! I only wish someone would unearth the other ethnic language films of the 1930's, including the Edgar Ulmer / Avramenko Ukrainian language films! Such a fascinating and overlooked bit of cinema!
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    Blu-ray Review Murder by Decree Blu-ray Review

    Just to add another view, the film looks more or less as I remember it theatrically. It is shot with a lot of on set atmosphere, which can dissipate and renders some scenes inconsistent from shot to shot in terms of diffusion. Furthermore the DP also used a lot of diffusive and softening...
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    Press Release Scream Factory Press Release: Universal Horror Collection Volume 6 (Blu-ray)

    Flesh & Fantasy would be an amazing release, along with 'Destiny' which began as a fourth segment of that film!
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Dodsworth - in Blu-ray

    I'm looking forward to his upcoming review of the 7 hour blu ray of 'Greed...'
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    One other note, I'm sure the good folk at Kino don't need any suggestions, but an excellent extra for this release would be the 30min adaptation of 'Silver Blaze' with Christopher Plummer. Not sure where the rights reside but i do own a fairly good 16mm print of it...
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Delighted that they finally got to it! Highly recommended even to the most casual of Sherlock Holmes fans!
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    I've spent most of 2018 buying almost everything you guys have had to sell, so my VERY best wishes to you all. And if you could miraculously procure 'Murder By Decree' and 'Freud: The Secret Passion'... but even if not, thank you for a wonderful year of film collecting!!!
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    I wonder if 'Murder by Decree' might make it out on Blu as a result. Very underrated Sherlock Holmes film.
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    My Universal Wish List From the Kino Deal

    I’ve put together a short ‘wish list’ that combine Universal owned Paramounts as well as their own branded library. Strictly my own fantasy releases but if anyone official even looks into one or two of these I’d be deeply grateful. 1) On the ‘mystery series’ or famous detective characters...
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    To Mr. Robert Harris: 10 films you'd like to have restored!

    That's interesting, I've never heard that before. I obviously don't doubt your info in the least but when I was a part of an interview of Wilder in the mid 90's he was quite insistent that the Mirisch Bros still had the footage. Perhaps he was more 'hopeful' than 'certain,' but... what a shame!
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    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time May 2018 Release Announcements

    The BFI release of BOAN is quite an extraordinary restoration and package of extras however it does suffer from some compression artifacting (particularly noticeable in the titlecards.) I'm hoping the TT version will improve on that one flaw in that otherwise superb edition. I'll be buying!
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    R.I.P. Joe Bologna -- Who Now Owns MY FAVORITE YEAR?

    There's a beautiful HD print of it on Filmstruck this month...
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    What Happened TO Warners May/June John Wayne / Clint Eastwood Movies?

    To say nothing of films like 'Up The Down Staircase' or the long awaited 'Last Summer.' I love WA and buy practically everything they've got to sell, SD and Blu Ray, but this is the first year I've felt like my patience is being a bit tested, especially with a film like 'Gwangi.' They have...
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    Roy Rogers Lost Trucolor Films

    Does anyone know if WB is working on new scans of 'Mystery' for example?