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    Let's talk the friend out of the Bose speaker system.....

    I'm never sure where to begin when I'm trying to convince someone to realize that with few exceptions, Bose is a poor sound value. :frowning: Rather than write a book (which I could do), I'll try to sum it up as quickly as I can. 1) Go out and compare with music (NOT movies) the Bose...
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    Any Thiel owners out there?

    I run a pair of now ancient CS 1.2's in my bedroom. I recently posted at another forum that I doubt I will ever get rid of them. They are just too enjoyable! The amount of toe-in would be, IMO, up to the individual. But since Thiels have 1st order crossovers, and each driver covers a fairly...
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    B&W Fronts 704,705,805 - which ones?

    Andy: I think the CC6 will work ok... But it's good to keep in mind that a great deal of standard TV and movie sound plays through that center speaker. A better speaker in the middle will make it's presence known! To my ears, the 700 series is a bit more open on the top end than the 600's...
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    B&W Fronts 704,705,805 - which ones?

    Maybe my own recent speaker purchases may help??? I'm in the process of completing a 704, HTM 7 and DM 600-S3 setup (with an M&K sub.) I feel these speakers all have a similar sound with the 700 series speakers being a bit more open. (Plus space in back is at a premium so 705's are out.) I...
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    Recommended speakers for a bright room

    One word... Vandersteen!
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    question on Denon 3805/2805

    Check the lower half of page 72 on how to adjust each channel. You should be able to adjust the sub in both Direct and Stereo. Let us know what you find out... :)
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    question on Denon 3805/2805

    Yeah, I'm currently running a 3803 (as a pre/pro) and it can do it for Stereo or Direct mode. I know the 2803 could do it too. But as I think about it, I think my 3802 (I still have in the closet) could only do it for Direct mode. So it must be just the generation before the xx05 series...
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    question on Denon 3805/2805

    Denon's have been able to do this for a generation or two. The sub can be ran or it can be turned off. Your choice...
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    Pioneer DV-578A

    Glad to see you got things going!
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    Pioneer DV-578A

    Mike__P: IMO, I think your only choice to really get the bass you're looking for is to either get a player that has built-in channel level adjustments or to spring for the ICBM. The sub level differences between high-res audio and regular DVDs has to be corrected for somewhere in the playback...
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    Pioneer DV-578A

    Mike: Glad you like it. I really enjoy listening to higher res music, not to mention the surround aspect too. IMO, I think the Pioneer players (563 and 578) are some of the best bargains in audio I've ever purchased. (And that's over a quarter of a century!) Now that you're on your way to...
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    Pioneer DV-578A

    Hey Mike! Doing great! Haven't been here much lately. Been hanging out at some of the PC help forums for the last few months. Trying to learn how to keep all the slimeware off of my babies! ;) I checked over my 578 again and it is sans level adjustments. My old 563 had them but they are MIA...
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    You’re not supposed to use alcohol to clean your cassette deck, right?

    Rachel is 100% correct. Go for the 91% version, not the 70% rubbing alcohol. Most 70% I've seen contains lanolin. That's the goo that stays behind...
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    My wife wants a Bose Wave Radio

    I bought a Cambridge 740 for my office a few months back. It is by far the best sound I've had from anything near it's size. Especially considering that it must run at a fairly low volume most of the time. It still sounds great up higher but for having something on and still hearing normal...