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    FS: Saphire Radeon 9600 Pro

    Chris, can you confirm for me that you received my paypal payment on friday morning and that you will ship the card via usps priority soon? thanks Chuck
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    HOT DEAL. Harmon Kardon AVR7200 at Fry's and Outpost. $799.

    damn..sorry about that. Mods can you move this. thanks and i'm not trying to show anyone up, just letting everyone know of a hot deal on this receiver. :)
  3. Chuck Frady

    HOT DEAL. Harmon Kardon AVR7200 at Fry's and Outpost. $799.

    FRY's hottest deal on the HK AVR 7200 Also available in the Fry's stores if they have any left in stock. WOW, free shipping as well according to the outpost.com web site.
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    FS: Brand New Harman Kardon AVR-7200

    when was the receiver purchased at Fry's?
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    FS: Yamaha RXV-630

    Make a non lowball offer for this and I will consider it. Remember, the price stated includes shipping. Retail on this receiver was $499. Its seen perhaps 20 hours of use since I bought it. Full factory warranty as it was bought from an authorized dealer.
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    FS: Yamaha RXV-630

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    Denon DVD-1200 DVD/CD/DVD-Audio player with progressive scan

    might be due to ecost.com selling Denon B stock. just a thought.
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    WTB: Inexpensive DVD changer

    I would second Ecost.com for the refurbs. I've been patient and snagged a Denon 1815 for $165 plus shipping. Some people are trying to get $300 plus for their panasonic dcdi equipped players. One guy is selling (trying)his xp50 refurb for $350. All one has to go is to go to ecost.com and...
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    intersted to buy Denon AVR-3803

    go to 6ave.com. They are selling the 3803 for $648.06 shipped. They are an authorized Denon dealer. There is a long thread in the receivers section. 3803 thread
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    FS: 2 HU Cards (football) & 2 Hughes Silver Sat boxes

    this package was sold minutes after posting. thanks for all that emailed and pm'd.
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    Krell Showcase DVD player

    On what mainstream chassis is the Krell based on? Most, if not all high end players have the guts of more modest players. Just curious if someone knows.
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    FS: 2 HU Cards (football) & 2 Hughes Silver Sat boxes

    Moved to a new house and now use Comcast HDTV cable. $125 shipped for everything Chuck
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    Just bought the HK AVR230 - Questions...

    return the 325 back to the retailer and then go to vanns.com and pick up the 330 for $526.03 and get free shipping. http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/it...ails/538799328
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    Help me choose a receiver?

    denon 3803 brand new in the box from 6ave.com. They are an authorized denon etailer and are currently running a deal where you can get the 3803 for $648.06 shipped. Call them, request a 3802 and they will tell you that you can get the 3803 for the same price. Its really a no brainer for a...