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    Deciding which University to go to...

    I would suggest waiting on U of W. It has a fantastic engineering department with an outstanding co-op program. The co-op will partly pay for your education, and will help you decide if you really want to be an engineer. The real work experience lends itself to solid job offers upon completion...
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    *** Official "LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING" Discussion Thread

    I apologize if this has already been asked but after listening to Peter Jackson's commentary I am curious who was originally cast to play Strider/Aragorn? During the commentaries it is mentioned that this person did not work out and was recast after only a few short days. I am wondering what...
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    *** Official Splinter Cell (X-Box) Review & Discussion Thread

    Morgan, If you were expecting Santa to get you a XBOX why not just ask him to get you those other three games you like at the same time. As it is only November 18th, you still have plenty of time to post that letter to the North Pole. You could e-mail Santa but since you are asking for all...
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    So Ron, how's this years dvd of the year lookin so far? :-)

    I do hope Ron lets the HTF membership vote on the DVD of the Year. I think it could work well if Ron nominated five (or possibly ten) DVD's, and then let the membership make the final decision in a poll. Chris
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Lord Of The Rings Extended Edition" (with screenshots)

    Hi Charles, I have the afternoon off as my son is sick (sent home from day-care) so I quickly checked that scene on my Panasonic RP-91 and did not notice a problem. I would exchange it if I were you. Chris
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    AOTC & LOTR:EE/SE store price reports (threads merged)

    At FutureShop this morning I purchased AOTC for $25.99 CDN and the Gift Edition of Fellowship of the Ring for $77.99 CDN. The four-disk edition of the Fellowship of the Ring was priced at $39.99 but it may ring up differently at the cash register. I almost forgot to mention that I had to ask...
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    Is Xbox live also trying to sell MS Routers

    If XBOX Live is a great success I would not be surprised to see other router manufacturers with packaging stating "XBOX LIVE READY!". This is simply good business sense in my book. Of course I owen MS stock so I may be biased. Chris
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    Gamespot have MetalGearSubstance...on XBox

    If I had to choose between two stealth games, it still looks like SplinterCell is the clear winner in this category. It is pretty sad when a game actually runs worse on faster equipment. Chris
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    DeathRow Review

    I still cannot seem to find this game. You would think that retailers like FutureShop would try to carry as many different XBOX titles as possible. I called a local EB and they do not have it either. What a pain in the ass! I want the game now and cannot find it. My luck I will finally find it...
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    best dish for HD in Canada

    Your legal choices in Canada are Star Choice and Expressvu. Here is a Canadian forum which may help you out. Chris
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    Bargains at Amazon's canadian site

    I ordered "24" Season One on Wednesday afternoon for $50.55 CDN (including taxes and delivery) and it was in my super mailbox this morning (Friday). I am impressed as I only got the e-mail saying it was being mailed Thursday afternoon. Chris
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    Xbox Controllers-disturbing trend?

    I thought I was one of the only people that prefers the original XBOX controller. I have three originals and one S-Controller. That way any guests can choose which ever they prefer. Chris