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    The Immortal Story (1968) by Orson Welles

    Richard - If you can play PAL Region 4, then there is an Australian edition published by Madman. According to the Madman website, it includes: - Both English language and French language cuts of the film - Audio Commentary by Dr Adrian Martin, Associate Professor and Head of Film and Television...
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    The Immortal Story (1968) by Orson Welles

    According to Gaumont's website, this disc contains only French sound and French subtitles (for deaf & hard of hearing). The transfer is anamorphic, but it has not been digitally restored. There are no extras.
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    The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) - Helen Slater, Christian Slater

    Sony Columbia released this movie on DVD in Spain last year - but online retailers list it as 4:3.
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    Birds of Prey: The Complete Series Announced!

    Happy to help. As I said way back on Post 15 of this topic, Birds of Prey was originally broadcast in the UK by CNX as letterboxed widescreen (I still have my VHS recordings, so this is not just from memory). In other words, CNX did not transmit an anamorphic 16:9 image. However, that is not...
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    Birds of Prey: The Complete Series Announced!

    I was referring to the original Warner announcement at Birds of Prey: The Complete Series from Warner Home Video on DVD - Full Screen. At the time, as you say, TVShowsOnDVD did not mention the aspect ratio. It was I (and possibly others) that pointed it out to that website, and the news item...
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    Birds of Prey: The Complete Series Announced!

    The press release says the picture will be 4:3 and the sound mono. I understand that the original US broadcast ratio was 4:3, but here in the UK CNX originally transmitted it in letterboxed widescreen. The widescreen composition looked pretty good to me. However, it is possible that the...
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    Birds of Prey: The Complete Series Announced!

    Whiperintherain - The half-season does not end on a cliff-hanger. However, the resolution of the ongoing sub-plot does feel a bit rushed. I understand that the producers found out about the mid-season cancellation in time to have the writers wrap up the various story arcs, but they only had...
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    "Crimewave" scheduled

    Online stores are now showing the sleeve artwork, and it's definitely the Sam Raimi movie that's being released. However, still no word of aspect ratio, sound format or extras.
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    "Crimewave" scheduled

    No offence taken, Dave. Besides, I enjoy 1950s crime movies as well. On reflection, however, I think the Raimi movie is the more likely possibility here. According to Halliwell, the 1954 film was "Crime Wave" (two words) and had a theatrical running time of 74 minutes. With PAL speedup, this...
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    "Crimewave" scheduled

    Amazon.co.uk and Play.com are both listing a 15-Aug-05 release date for "Crimewave". However there are precious few details posted. There are several films around with this title, but the running time listed on Play.com would be about right (allowing for 4% PAL speedup) for this to be the...
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    where are the original x-men cartoons on dvd?

    Here in the UK there are several Marvel cartoon discs released under the Fox Kids banner. I read somewhere that they're also due out in the USA by Summer 2005. So far there's: Captain America (1966) Vol 1 & 2 Iron Man (1966) Vol 1 & 2 Thor (1966) Vol 1 & 2 Sub-Mariner (1966)...
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    Will "Contact" ever be remastered?

    The UK R2 edition has an isolated music score (Dolby Digital 5.1) instead of the French audio track. It's not mentioned on the box, but trust me - it's there in the "Languages" menu. Excellent disc, by the way. I've always heartily recommended it.
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    Grosse Pointe Blank 16:9 in Japan??

    The UK edition is anamorphic, if your set-up can handle a PAL signal.
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    Billion Dollar Brain - Music Rights Cleared?

    UK websites are reporting that MGM will release an R2 DVD of "Billion Dollar Brain" on 6 September 2004. Presumably the studio has either secured the music rights, or else the film has been redubbed. Does anybody know which? In his book "Starring Michael Caine" David Bishop reported that a...
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    DVD covers that contain spoilers.

    Again in the UK, the rear cover of the R2 "Breakdown" DVD has three stills from the final scene, including the truck hanging off the edge of the bridge.