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    F/S: Outlaw ICBM + Sony 222ES SACD

    icbm has been sold. 222es is still available, price reduced to $225.
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    F/S: Outlaw ICBM + Sony 222ES SACD

    Outlaw ICBM, sorry no original box, i just can't find it. Otherwise good condition, works perfectly. sold Sony 222ES SACD changer. will include a few SACD's as well, please inquire if you are interested in the titles and i'll give you a list. Does include original box/remote/etc...
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    F/S: Samson S1000

    Amp is still available - i'll drop down to $275 + shipping, and also will throw in a Better Cables RCA > 1/4" cable (i believe it is 1m length) to connect the amp to your sub preout.
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    F/S: Samson S1000

    Steve nn - i've been trying to reply to your PM regarding the amp, but your box is full and you don't accept emails through the site. Please let me know how to get in touch with you if you are still interested in the amp.
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    F/S: Samson S1000

    Samson S1000 Amp for sale - selling because i am switching to a powered sub. $300 + shipping.
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    How to price a 53" ISF-calibrated HD RPTV?

    i recently sold my 53WX52 for $1200. I think the 52 retailed for a couple hundred more than the 42 ? It was not ISF calibrated though.
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    85db pink noise, MUCH louder then 85db on DVD..

    reference level is supposed to be loud. you should probably find -25 or -20 to be an reasonable listening level. remember, every 10db increase in spl is perceived as a doubling of volume. that makes reference level FOUR TIMES as loud -20.
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    SPL speaker calibration...not so simple??

    Rotel doesn't use the 0db volume scale so you won't be able to do this. Your volume scale probably goes from 0 - 85. You can arbitrarilly choose a number (try 65 or 75) and then adjust the individual channel levels so that the avia test tones read 85db on your meter, with the rotel's master...
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    F/S: miscellaneous cables

    everything is sold except for the Zu Disco 1M interconnects. price lowered to $25 on those.
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    F/S: miscellaneous cables

    Outlaw PCA's are sold. Sale pending on the Gamecube component cables.
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    F/S: miscellaneous cables

    1 - Nintendo Gamecube component cable (genuine nintendo cable) $20 SOLD 1 - Zu Disco interconnect 1meter pair $25 2 - Outlaw PCA .5 meter interconnects $30 for both pairs SOLD 1 - Acoustic Research Pro series audio interconnect 6ft - $10 SOLD 1- Acoustic research Perfomance Series...
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    Subjective listening evaluation and/or comparison: VMPS Larger to SVS PB-2 Plus

    Roger, I own an VMPS larger sub. I have not heard any SVS subs other than my old 20-39CS ISD, so i cannot make any comparisons between the models you are looking at. But, i figured i would mention it since there does not seem to be many VMPS owners here. Please let me know if you have any...
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    InFocus 10 day demo questions

    you don't have to take it to UPS to return it. You can simply call, or go to UPS.com and schedule a free pickup.
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    Wife urging me to buy BIGGER TV! Suggestions!?!

    forget the "entertainment center", put a screen on the wall, and go for a projector! $2000 is plenty to do it and you can have any size screen you want :)