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    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    The ideal Atmos theater will enhance the movie experience with natural, enveloping sound. This could be a dangerous excuse to upgrade my Epson 5020 projector and perhaps upgrade speakers.
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    HTF Contest: Win a copy of How I Won the War on DVD

    Sounds interesting.
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    Any HTF'ers at the DARK KNIGHT BD Live Event tonight?

    It was pretty interesting, but not a true film discussion. Loved the HTF shout.
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    Weekly RoundUp 4-22-2008

    I jumped on the 5-disc Blade Runner Blu-ray from CC for $19.99. Thanks!
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    Plasma TV Purchase??

    Check out this thread for the Pioneer PDP-5080HD: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htf/...hd-1999-a.html This TV is amazing...and
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    Pioneer PDP-5080HD $1999

    Best Buy has the #1 reviewed plasma and CNET Editors' Choice, Pioneer PDP-5080HD for the unbelievable price of $1999.99. PLUS, get 3 years 0% financing for in-store purchases $999 and up! I just bought this TV from a local dealer last week. I am going to try to price match tomorrow, or...
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    See Wes Anderson's "Hotel Chevalier" for free on iTunes

    I am currently downloading the short and it is still free as of now. Thanks for the link.
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    I hope the movie is more successful at changing policy and perspective than Moore's other documentaries. Roger and Me--GM is in trouble and Detroit is in dire financial circumstances... Bowling for Columbine--school shootings and gun violence abound... Fahrenheit 9/11--still in Iraq with the...
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    2007 at the Box Office

    Sicko deserves a wider release. A true must-see.
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    What income qualifies one as wealthy?

    And could afford to pay a little more...
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    "Knocked Up" Review

    My wife and I both enjoyed the movie, but I thought it was uneven at times and fell short of other recent comedies like The 40 Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers. I would give it a B+.
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    2007 at the Box Office

    Regarding Knocked Up and BO potential... My wife and I decided to catch Knocked Up after dinner last night. It was sold out at the closest theater to the restaurant for the 9:05 showing--next time was 10:35. I knew the next closest theater had a showing at 9:45. We got to that theater just...
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    What income qualifies one as wealthy?

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
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    Top secret Microsoft product to launch at Midnight

    The "Surface Computer" may one day be as popular as the Segway!!!
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    How binding are Home Inspection reports..

    As a recent home buyer, my understanding is as stated above. We had a few small items that we wanted addressed specifically (plumbing and sidewalk repair). When the buyer makes a demand, the seller can either address the item or couter-offer with cash or a lowered price. If the seller is...