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    5 new Criterions in January, including Kagemusha!

    More Suzuki films is great news. :) And KAGEMUSHA? Even better news. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: 3 Godzilla titles

    These films have always gotten tons of disrespect (some of it earned, some of it not), so I'm never surprised to see yet someone else take easy potshots at the films. But its no big deal, as long time fans are surely used to it by now. I think the majority of Godzilla films are a case of either...
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    Ren and Stimpy advance reviews

    I buckled and bought the set. I agree that the fade in/outs are distracting but I guess I can live with that. As far as the cuts: The theory behind the missing "whistling grandpa" scene is an interesting one (regarding John K. not liking the addition of the whistling). That also might...
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    Is Miramax going to release Zatoichi by itself?

    Yikes, that looks like an ad, rather than an actual cover. If it turns out that really is the cover, Miramax has clearly outdone their ugly KILL BILL Vol 2 cover. :) Anyway, it would be nice if SONATINE was offered separately (like it was originally announced at one point) because I already...
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    Sony's Blu-Ray accepts WM9

    Yep, I saw a Blu-Ray recorder for sale in Japan last November and it cost over $4000.00. I think that since then, they are already down to about $2000.00 though.
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    Fox's The Young Master -- Misframed?

    Yes, thanks for letting them know about the problems, Matt. The discs are hard to find in my neck of the woods, too. Only found some of them at the local Futureshop, and that's all I've seen anywhere. Strange, considering the previous waves were widely available everywhere.
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    Sergio Corbucci's "The Mercenary" aka "A Professional Gun" DVD review/questions

    I don't think any of the Japanese "Macaroni Western Bible" titles have English subs. Too bad, because some of the titles in the series don't include an English soundtrack.
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    Fox's The Young Master -- Misframed?

    I'm disappointed to hear this. I was looking forward to picking this up and was expecting it to look as great as their other releases. :frowning: Anyone know how OPERATION SCORPIO looks?
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    Found Magnificent Butcher, Naked Killer and others.Do I buy? Quality?

    The Fox HK DVD's I've seen so far look great. The remixed audio isn't too bad except for, as mentioned, EASTERN CONDORS. That DVD unfortunately sounds terrible, I found it very distracting. (too bad because its a good film and the picture quality is the best I have ever seen for this film, it...
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    GODZILLA is coming!

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    QT Talks "Kill Bill" dvd

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    QT Talks "Kill Bill" dvd

    Yes, the Japanese print runs approx. 2 minutes longer. The B&W fight scene is shown in colour and other reported differences include: a bit more added to the anime sequence, more blood in the fight scenes and you get to see what other damage the Bride inflicts on Sophie Fatale. I'm seeing...
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    GODZILLA is coming!

    Cover art: http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=5895 :emoji_thumbsup: Nice, I can now replace my HK R3 discs. Anamorphic and 5.1! GMK was indeed excellent. GXM was a bit weak, but any Goji is OK with me. :D
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    Sticker residue

    I swear by lighter fluid, it works great. It even safely removes sticker and sticker residue from cardboard or paper (but use sparingly and quickly wipe off the excess).
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    The Lone Wolf And Cub Series