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    been out of the game for a while, in need of a new receiver

    Only high-end receivers can decode the new HD formats internally through HDMI; but most cheaper (or older) HDMI-capable receivers can accept lossless PCM sent by the player, which gives you HD. Even very old receivers can deal with HD through their analogue inputs (as long as the player has...
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    7.1 and 6.1 vs 5.1? Do you like surround modes > 5.1? Speaker placement?

    Yes, but so far the analogue outs on HD-DVD and BD are 5.1 only, AFAIK. Why the manufacturers would only put 5.1 outs on a player capable of 7.1 is beyond me... which forces people to upgrade to an HDMI receiver if they want the new 7.1 formats (maybe that's why they do it).
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    SACD bass management

    That would only be the case if the signal is downmixed to 16 bit / 44KHz (CD quality), but that may not be the case if you stick with the analogue inputs. There definitely will be a reduction in quality from "Direct" mode (Direct mode for analogue CD, AUX, etc. should give identical performance...
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    PSB Image T55?

    If WAF is still a factor for tower speakers Totem Sttafs are one of the best looking on the market, though they may be a little more than $1000.
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    Need help getting rid of annoying (volume) protection lock

    Do you have all speakers set to Small? Is the receiver in an enclosed rack that may be inhibiting ventilation? Since your Marantz is still under warranty, I wouldn't open it up... that will void it. As for the Mordaunt-Short being too shrill, does the 5600 have a HT-EQ setting to reduce...
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    Older Marantz high-end EX receivers? 14EX, 18EX and 19EX? How do they differ?

    Another question is whether the older units (19EX-14EX) had wide-bandwidth component switching. I know the component input on the 7200 was not high-definition capable, but that was remedied for the x300 models. The earliest Marantz receiver to have upconversion to component was the 9300V...
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    Small Speaker Recommendations

    I have the MS902s and my brother has the Titans... the Mordaunt-Shorts are more refined and accurate. The Titans are good for the price, but a little boomy.
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    Gear Longevity Database

    There is one Yamaha RX-V390 and two RX-V490s in my extended family still going strong after about nine years (purchased late 1997, early '98)... My Dad has my Marantz SR6200 that I purchased in 2002, almost five years old... and I have an SR7300 OSE from 2003, just approaching the four year...
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    best bang for a new 5.1 setup

    Use that $600 budget to buy used. You can get a nice upper-range unit for that price if you go back to 2003 or so.
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    Yamaha Receivers so many to pick from! How do you know which one is for you.

    Get the best you can realistically afford. Or, buy used, and get a higher model with superior sound for less money (though you may give up a feature or two).
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    Marantz 7300 OSE noise - is there a fix?

    Thanks Jeff; I'm always curious as to how sound characteristics (and build quality) of receiver models changes year over year. The 7300ose has much more detail and probably a wider soundstage than my previous 6200, and is far better for HT, although I think the 6200 wins for bass production...
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    Marantz 7300 OSE noise - is there a fix?

    Thanks Chris, glad to have you guys over. Now that it is repaired I think the 7300 will be around for a few years... love the build and sound on that baby. It's too bad no magazine ever did an A-B test to compare the regular 7300 to the OSE model. I can't help wondering if the tweaks improve...
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    Marantz 7300 OSE noise - is there a fix?

    Finally got it fixed through D&M Canada. I had to do a lot of research for them, since (I assume) with the Denon merger, the history of a three year old Marantz model wasn't at the forefront of their minds. Turns out that a capacitor change greatly reduces, but does not completely eliminate...
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    Choosing between Marantz receivers

    I wouldn't go with the 7200. While it sounds great, there were a lot of defective 7200, 6200 and 5200 units out there (speaking from experience with the 6200). Also, starting with the x300 series the newer units have a few more desirable convenience features and more powerful amplifiers (check...
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    DTS HD and DD HD recievers yet?

    High-end models don't even have the new formats, never mind affordable units. Assuming some high-end models are introduced by Summer / early Fall '06 with the new formats, the technology won't tricle down to the lower-end units for at least a year after that, IMO.