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    Track the Films You Watch (2009)

    Feature Films Watched in 2009 First-Time Viewings are in Bold 2009 films viewed in theater unless noted, pre-2009 viewed at home unless noted. Ratings Guide :star::star::star::star:= Exceptional :star::star::star:= Good :star::star:= Fair :star:= Poor BOMB = Worthless 001. 01/01/09...
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    2008 Films List (Reviews, Discussion & Tracking)

    Placeholder Don't know when I'll actually see a 2008 film though.
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    Time to Thrown Down! 2007 Top Ten Lists

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    Track the Films You Watch (2008)

    Films Watched in 2008 ...
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    2006 Top Ten Lists - Time to Throw Down!

    I have updated my Top 10. It is now ordered not alphabetical. I added Pan's Labyrinth (recently seen) and Stranger than Fiction (forgotten first time) so this drops V for Vendetta and The Queen out of the top 10. Of films in release only Letters from Iwo Jima needs to be seen and probably...
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    2006 Top Ten Lists - Time to Throw Down!

    The Top 10 1. Children of Men 2. Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story 3. The Prestige 4. The Departed 5. Pan's Labyrinth 6. Brick 7. The History Boys 8. Little Miss Sunshine 9. United 93 10. Stranger than Fiction Honorable Mention 11-25 11. V for Vendetta 12. The Queen 13...
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    Track the Films You Watch (2007)

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    2006 Film List

    placeholder for 2006 films only. currently the only one I've seen is Hostel.
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    Track the Films You Watch (2006)

    Films Watched in 2006 Key 2006 Films in Red Re-watched Films in Green All 2005 & 2006 films are theatrical viewings unless noted All pre-2005 are home viewings unless noted All are OAR unless noted Rating - a simple 4 point scale A - Really Enjoyed B - Enjoyed C - Did not Like D -...
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    Our Top 10 Lists of 2005 - "Time to throw down!"

    placeholder I'll put together a list as soon as I see both Caché and The New World. Both are scheduled to play here in the next couple of weeks. Films mentioned in other lists I have yet to see: Bee Season The Best of Youth Bride and Prejudice Brothers Cache The Chronicles of Narnia...
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    Track the Films You Watch (2005)

    Films Watched in 2005 Films Seen in theaters are in Bold Films rewatched are in italics Ratings Key: B- and higher are thumbs up C+ and lower are thumbs down January 02 - Destination Tokyo (1943) B 02 - Million Dollar Baby (2004) C+ 02 - Lassie Come Home (1943) B- 03 - A Letter...
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    2005 Film List

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    HTF Top 10's of 2004: Time To Throw Down!

    1. Dogville 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 3. The Aviator 4. Vera Drake 5. Mean Creek 6. Collateral 7. Sideways 8. p.s. 9. Closer 10. Saved Just Missed Out: Baadasssss!, Control Room, Finding Neverland, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Kinsey, A Very Long...
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    best permorance by a real athlete in a movie

    Fred Williamson of all the blaxploitation films, the film MASH, and many other things was a star in the old AFL and had an infamous role in Super Bowl I. I can't believe no one mentioned O.J. in The Towering Inferno :)
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    "The HTF 100 Great Films of the 1930's Challenge"

    It is interesting to see people's lists compared to each other. For me this is certainly grading on the curve. There's not a single film on this list that's not interesting. The films that get one star are better than at least half of the new films in the last few years. Of Robin Hood, it is...