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    Do HDTVs "filter" low res video somehow? (See pics)

    Hey everyone. I know I am not alone in this, and I would like some terms or explanations (or both) from anyone that can provide them. I appreciate anything you can share. I have a hobby of collecting video game systems from nearly every era. I have done some video modifications on a few of...
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    Explanation of "vertical banding" on TV screen?

    Hello, Could somebody explain to me what is wrong (technically) with a device when it outputs analog video with vertical "bars" such as those indicated by arrow #1 in this example: vertical bars These bars are static - they don't move when the image is on the screen. Doesn't look like...
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    PS3 Update 1.5 Available

    Guys - I don't own a PS3 (yet). I am considering it for various reasons which I will not go into. Since I do not own one and don't know anyone within driving distance that has one, I have not dealt with flashing the firmware on a PS3. However, let me ask a few questions and offer the slim...
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    Odd Movie Poster sizes from a theater

    Thanks to both of you. I appreciate your input. mylan - what type/brand of flat black spray paint did you use? The only spray paint I have right now is...Testors for model kits. Ha! I imagine that I can easily pick up some if I make a trip to Michaels to get that frame, but I was wondering if...
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    Odd Movie Poster sizes from a theater

    Hey all - I had the opportunity to walk away from a movie theater with one of their posters (score!). I get home and measure it...and ... The dimensions are roughly 36 x 27.25ish (huh?) Is this in any way a normal size? I didn't buy it from some seedy online seller with a sub-par website...
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    Has anyone framed Laserdisc covers for HT decoration?

    I ended up picking up some LP frames from Michael's that cost all of $4.99 each. They are designed to hold double albums as well as your average single LP album. They seem to work fine for Laserdiscs as well.
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    Has anyone framed Laserdisc covers for HT decoration?

    I'm thinking about framing some Laserdisc covers and hanging them on the wall. Anyone do this? What did you frame? My main question is - what frame did you use? It seems to me that you could waltz into a Hobby Lobby and Michaels and buy those frames for LPs, but perhaps there is a slight size...
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    Different speakers for movies vs music - thinking about RF-7s

    Hey all. I picked up a Klipsch RC-7 to replace my long time "got me all the way through college and more" Cerwin Vega back in July. Obviously there is quite a difference. Now only the front L/R remain as the ones needing to be replaced before the HT is officially in version 2.0. That said...
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    Center too edgy? Static? Break-in....

    Hey all - Back in July, I picked up a Klipsch RC7 center channel for my HT. I have it hooked up to a Panasonic XR-70 Receiver + S97 DVD player. I am not quite sure if perhaps I am going insane, but I *think* I sometimes hear static during loud sequences (even at low volumes) on movies...
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    Describe artifacts from bad component cables

    Hi Bob. Laaaate response from me, but I wanted to mention that I picked up the Hitachi 57S715 (CRT RPTV). I am currently using the HDMI cable for DVD & using the bluejeanscable component for Xbox.
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    Describe artifacts from bad component cables

    Done. I have heard a lot of people mentioning Blue Jeans around here, and your write-up (which I appreciate!) pushed me to the edge. I have a set of component cables which pretty much has artifacts similar to what you described above. The wiring flops around as if it was a lamp cord. I...
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    Describe artifacts from bad component cables

    So what sort of visual issues are you going to have using component cables that suck compared to those that are high end? (When running an HD signal, btw) Have any of you dealt with the need to make a "cable upgrade?" Please share your knowledge. Thanks!
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    What would you do in this situation?

    Shane, where did you get your Ixos cables? And - did you use their official game cables or did you get the X-box HD pack and then just replace those cables with the Ixos ones? I want to run a high quality HD signal as well as optical sound out from the X-box. I have this little budget HD box...
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    Official Panasonic DVD-S97 Specs (Faroudja is back!)

    Yeah how long until they update that thing, anyway? :)
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    Decoding improvements - 1998 Receiver vs 2004 DVD Player

    I don't know. I think the high-end range is pretty large. Denon pushes up to and past the $1000 barrier, but why? There are other DVD players in the $300+ range that use some of the same video chips. So I would see low/mid/high as: [----][--------][------------------------------------]+...