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    Windows 10 News and User discussion

    To my knowledge, PrintScreen by itself would grab everything on the screen(s) whereas Alt-PS would only grab the active window...
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    Drop ceiling options that don't suck?

    Covering both bases:
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    Need considerably more detail to determine what's going on with the laptop output.
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    PS4 owners thread

    HA! My Pro was only just delivered last night... I have to deal with a 2meg pipe, so it will be a while before GoW, Uncharted 4, Journey, Persona 5 and the KH3 update are done. Add to that a passing interest in Anthem and a friend asking if I'd play Division2 with him... The stack of just PS...
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    Installing Ubuntu 18.04

    3.5" HDs cannot run off USB-spec power, thus the adapter. 2.5" HDs are power misers by comparison, so USB power is enough. As for BIOS access, perhaps this applies? Don't know what model you have...
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    Brand makes and models for consideration

    Another way of looking at this is to buy based on a *much* bigger room (overbuild the system.) Cry once and all that. You can always keep the volume low on an oversized amp; a small amp will not exceed its rated capacity...
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    Installing Ubuntu 18.04

    Did the actual hardware fail, or did the windows install go south? Can you see the internal HD from Ubuntu? If the HD is still OK and you can still get into the BIOS, take some pictures of the screens relating to installed storage devices and boot order...
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    PS4 owners thread

    Can't say for sure as I only just caved and put in my order for the console & game....but anytime I've run into this issue with other controllers, it was because I hadn't rested my forearms/elbows on anything for a while.
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    Best sound card for Sonos 5.1 home theater

    It could be a very big deal depending on who is making the adapter and how it is powered--there's a very strong chance of introducing audible noise to the signal.
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    VIZIO P-Series Quantum $1,499 at Costco

    Food for thought:
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    Upgrading the DaveF household to 4K UHD

    Going to second that bit about using Monoprice cables. Here's a link! Which device(s) will be handling the source-switching duty?
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    CES 2019 general thread. 8K "It's a trap!"

    TV in a tube?