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    SVS PB+ 12" Sonotube $125

    Any chance you still have any sonosubs.
  2. Chris Sherman

    Sound Dynamics THS-10?

    Sound Dynamics speakers were always a part of API along with Energy and Mirage. The THS-10 was a part of the Theatrics line along with the THC-1 and THC-2 center channels and THR-BP1 bipolar surround speakers. They were designed to be used with the Reference series tower speakers the R515, R616...
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    Panasonic TH46PZ85U plasma initial thoughts and why I chose it over LCD

    I waited until this year to replace my two 46" CRT, 1080i, widescreen sets. Their was no question about lcd vs. plasma for me. I bought a Panasonic 50PX80U for my living room and a 42PX80U for the bedroom, both sets combined were $1700, that's less than I spent on one Sony 46" WT520 rear...
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    Please recommend some floor standing speakers

    Audio Advisor has a clearance sale on Athena speakers. The LS300 towers were $500pr. and now $99ea. Excellent inexpensive speakers,I don't think you can do better than these new with a warranty. White Van speakers are garbage, if you think those sound good, these will sound like high end...
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    FS: Panasonic XP30

    I'll take the player, if still available. Please email me at [email protected] , as I never check my PM. I hope you take paypal , I have a confirmed address and have 100% feedback rating on Ebay , ID is cdsherman , or Audiogon ID cdsherman2. BTW, for the gentleman who needs a 1080i component...
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    Any decent floor standing speakers in my budget? or should I buy cheap and save?

    Audioadvisor.com is clearing out the Athena LS100 and LS300 floorstanders for $99 each LS100 and $149 ea. LS300. They are very decent speakers woven fiberglass 6.5" woofers and 1" aluminum dome tweeters. I believe shipping is free and you get the full warranty. There is a pair of matching rears...
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    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Two channel rig Von Scweikert VR3's. main home theater Monitor Audio Silver series bedroom theater Sound Dynamics Reference series
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    Best bargain floorstanders?

    All of the speakers mentioned are good but the best deal I've seen lately is Audio Advisors current prices on the Athena LS speakers the LS500's with dual 6.5" fiberglass cone, rubber surround woofers, and 1" aluminum domes at $150 ea or the single 6.5" woofer LS300 for $99ea are steals they...
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    FS: Panasonic XP-30 DVD Player

    Payment sent. Thanks Steve.
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    FS: Panasonic XP-30 DVD Player

    I'll take it . Do you take paypal? I will cover fee. Let me know, email me at [email protected] I'm on the good traders list here and have excellent feedback on Audiogon, user id cdsherman2 and Ebay user id cdsherman
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    New Parts Express Dayton Audio Elite Subs Designed By HSU

    I got my new Parts Express catalog yesterday and was astonished to find their new line of Dayton Audio Elite subwoofers Designed by Dr. Hsu! They look to be excellent value in three sizes (HSU8) 8" 100 watt 30hz $198, (HSU10) 10"150watt 25hz $292 , and (HSU12) 12" 20hz 250 watt $389. They are...
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    For Sale SVS CS-2531 subwoofer, Onix XLS Sub, Energy Connoiseur C5 speakers

    Thank you Mike! That sub is constantly sold out, and backordered at AV123 .It is a highly musical sub , very well made , constucted of 1" thich MDF. It weighs over 40lbs! I think it compares very favorably to the HSU STF1 or outlaw 8" sub at a lower price. The built in plinth gives the downward...
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    For Sale SVS CS-2531 subwoofer, Onix XLS Sub, Energy Connoiseur C5 speakers

    Please no PM . Send questions direct to my email . I do not check PM. Thanks, Chris Sherman