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    Sub advice. AV123, HSU, SVS

    I'd stay away from the MFW and any other AV123 products at this point. The CEO was indicted for fraud and arrested last Friday. The $500,000 bail hasn't been posted for him yet. The future of that company is very much up in the air at his point. Longmont man indicted on charity fraud...
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    help on 'other' Hsu speakers

    You don't need towers. If you are using a sub and sending the bass to the sub you are buying your bass twice and then turning it off in the towers. I'd look at Ascend Acoustics 200SE in the Hsu HB-1 price range.
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    Axiom vs Ascend

    The Ascend 170SE is more in the M22 class.
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    What are the best speakers you have ever listened to

    Pioneer TAD Reference One.
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    Looking to Upgade My Axioms In 2.1 Set-up

    I was going to suggest this speaker too for his parameters.
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    Looking to Upgade My Axioms In 2.1 Set-up

    What do you mean when you say the speakers are facing you? Is there a triangle between you and the speakers or are they to the side aimed at your ears? If they are on the side aimed at your ears that is a large issue for sound stage. Also at 4ft you are listening in a near field situation...
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    Think I getting good deal on Sub...

    Nice sub and a good deal. It is a more music oriented sub than HT "go boom" oriented sub.
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    Toshiba HD-A2 sells over 90,000 for the weekend

    I find the whole everyone will expect $99 HD DVD players argument suspect. If HD DVD takes off for mass adoption not many outside of AV geeks and bargain/deal website followers will know that they went on sale for $99 at one point. I do think that we will see $99 on entry level HD DVD players...
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    Wife-friendly HT Speaker Recommendations

    Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 in piano black.
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    Toshiba announces 3rd generation HD DVD players

    $299 gives a lot of room for sales and markdowns. The $299 A2 can be found for $240.
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    lack of HD DVD in B&M stores

    Not a single BD or HD disc to be found at my local Wal-mart.
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    Up conversion on some SD-DVDs results in a small picture

    I believe if the flags are not enabled on the standard disc(s) the A2 can upscale over component.
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    MS Reduce 360HD Add-On = $179 / AUG 1st!

    Bigger than the price drop is this will be the 1st time for the 5 free movie deal with X-box. That is $125 worth of HD movies added on.
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    HD-DVD Price. My Oppo died last week and the HD-A2 off Amazon is less than $20 more the an Oppo 981 and comes with 5 movies. At that price I could care less if HD-DVD ends up losing the format war. If Blu-ray wins out, the HD-A2 will carry me just fine until Blu-rays are under $150 and at...
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    SVS's mid-line MTS-01's announced

    It will be interesting to see if SVS can sell flat black with "cheeks" at that price point. Ascend Acoustics when it moved into this price range with the Sierra 1 didn't try the flat black that is on the other Ascend models.