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    Catalogue lovers: best eye candy cinematography?

    I'm curious Ben, did you watch The Fall yet?
  2. Chris James

    American Idol - Season 8

    Agreed! My AI watching is done now...
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    The 2009 American Idol (#8) HTF TOP 10 CHALLENGE: Congratulations winner Larry*P !!

    1. Alexis 2. Megan 3. Adam 4. Anoop 5. Lil 6. Danny 7. Matt 8. Scott 9. Jasmine 10. Jorge **SUBMITTED**
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    Official Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-Ray player thread

    Hey guys, I am in the process of loading 1.5. When I say process, I mean it has been processing for about 24 hours now. What the hell do I do? I'm afraid to pull the plug on it, and none of the other functions work.
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    Worst non-bodily function related smell?

    The worst I have ever smelled was old cat pee, and the cat was sick. Ugh. I tend to disdain the smell of burnt hair also.
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    Civilian Contract Work In Iraq - Would You Do It? (NON POLITICAL)....

    Yeah, it was an interesting day. Actually, there were two separate suicide bombers that hit two areas at the same time here in the Green Zone two days ago. Can't really say too much about it, but the two explosions were about 100 yards from my "area" I supervise. Add to that, three days before...
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    Civilian Contract Work In Iraq - Would You Do It? (NON POLITICAL)....

    No, can't carry an AK47, though sometimes I wish I could. The Iraqi drivers here are HORRIBLE! Ahhh! And as Jason stated, "up to $80,000" is tax free as long as you are out of the country for 330 days. I only have 44 days left for my year to be done, and was in the states a total of 30 days. I...
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    Civilian Contract Work In Iraq - Would You Do It? (NON POLITICAL)....

    Well, I can tell that the money is NOT $100,000 a month. I am currently working in the "Green Zone" in Central Baghdad (the place you hear about on the news). Civilian contractors make anywhere from $60,000 to $500,000 a year. The only "safe" areas are way up north like Dahuk in Kurdish...
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    Help raising pit bull puppy

    Drew, are YOU sure you have a female? You flip-flopped him/her all through the post. :) Pit Bulls have a bad rap because the way they are/were raised. A Pit (properly raised) can be very vicious, but only when he feels threatened, hurt, etc. Just like any other dog. Raise her right, and you...
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    AV15 sub for sale:

    I just wanted to let anyone interested in the AV15 know that Steve is an excellent guy to do business with. He has been very helpful, and I am very sorry to be unable to do business with him. Whoever wants this sub will have a great transaction with him. This is a monster subwoofer for the...
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    AV15 sub for sale:

    Thanks Steve! I am looking forward to giving it a go! Man, AV15 in the living room theater, SVS 16-46PCi in the bedroom theater.....doesn't get any better than that! And send me that new pic so I can drool!
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    SVS "Superior" Customer Service !!!

    I'm glad you mentioned Erik. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Great guy, just like Tom and Ron.
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    Best Movie Theater in Vegas

    Thanks guys! I think we'll catch the Blue Man Group. I hear nothing but good things about the shows. We are getting there this Thursday, so I'll be sure and catch Reloaded on IMAX. That sound be great! Thank you guys for the replies! Vegas here I come!