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    Catalog sales down 20%

    Couldn't agree with Bill more. He was right on the money... The studios on the other hand...... waaaaaay off base.
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    Oppo BDP-83...I'm not getting subtitles on DVD

    The above posters are correct. You can also access the Oppo menu's to adjust the display height of subtitles. It's set at -5 by default (not sure why). Set it to zero and you should be fine.
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    New home theater. Great picture, TERRIBLE sound! Suggestions?

    I'd also add that if you have the center speaker sitting actually on the concrete floor, I'd look into putting it on a stand to get it away from that immediate hard surface which is probably affecting your dialogue the most.
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    WHV Announcement: Chuck: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray)

    Hopefully if the second season sells well, they'll pick up the show beyond the shortened 13 episode season 3 airing in march.
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    10 Hz subwooofer

    Well, another poster pointed you in the right direction with the Epik Conquest. The bad news is they don't make the Conquest anymore. It's a shame cause it's a terrific sub, if a bit on the large side. Epik still makes some other great subs, but not with the extension the Conquest had...
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    Help Needed in A/V Receivers

    Wow..... John, I feel your pain here, it's like pulling teeth..... Maybe he needs more people asking the same question over and over. To OP: How much total budget do you have for EVERYTHING. Not just a receiver (which frankly, based on the equipment you have, won't really be much of a help or...
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    Epik Dynasty review

    Of the three brands you have listed, I'd rank them for subs: Epik SVS Klipsch However, I think you'll find the Epik and SVS are on a whole 'nother level compared the the Klipsch. Check out Elemental Designs as well, for good performing, reasonably priced, high output...
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    Subwoofer - What Fraction of Speaker Budget?

    There have been some good suggestions here. For the OP, I'd say it comes down to a number of factors, those being: 1- Your Budget 2- Use (Movies/Music/Both - how much?) 3- Your priorities (output, range, tone, extension, depth, tightness) 4- Your space (size matters) 5- Aesthetics...
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    Parametric Eq needed

    One option that is also under $400.00 and is automatic setup is the VLSI Anti-Mode 8033B. Available for direct shipping from Finland. It is truly "plug and play," with setup taking approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Made a significant difference in my room. There is a fairly significant thread about...
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    Where to purchase acoustic panels at lowest cost?

    Congratulations and glad to see they had a similar effect on your room as they did on mine!
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    Where to purchase acoustic panels at lowest cost?

    Check out ATS Acoustics. I got all of mine from there, very fast shipping, no problems, and very reasonably priced. They have a ton of different colors as well. IIRC, it was about $38 bucks for a 2' x 4' x 2" panel.
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    Best Subwoofer Under $1000.00 (delivered)

    To the OP, RobertJ appears to be steering you in the right direction. I myself just purchased a new sub and was debating between eD and Epik, and ended up going with an Epik Conquest. There was about a five week wait, but the wait was worth it. I can vouch for the build quality of the Epik...
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    I'll second Epik, you should really take a look at them.
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    Recommendation for high end processor(used)

    Outperform the 9.8 for below $2k? Going to be hard to find that.
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    Recommendation for high end processor(used)

    I'll also suggest an Integra DTC 9.8. One of the highest rated products on the market for what it does. I have one myself, and have no intentions of upgrading, as there really isn't much improvement.