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    SVS MTS Speaker system?

    Real review: Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - SVSound MTS-01 Floor-standing Speakers
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    Standard Def TV on a 50" Plasma?

    I have just started looking for a new plasma TV (50") and have read many stories on the forums about how bad standard definition TV looks on these big screens. The family watches lots of non-high-def TV, so is there a make/model/technology that I should look for in a 50" plasma to make standard...
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    Select Warner Box Sets 19.99 at Borders

    Thanks for posting this, got mine this morning! This is definitely "secret" pricing, as no one at my Borders knew about it either.
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Madagascar

    Anyone having drop-out or tracking issues with their version? Mine stops, freezes, drops out audio, etc. Never had a bad DVD before, guess this is going back for replacement.
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    Weekly RoundUp 10-25-2005

    Thanks for the link Mike! When I enter "Leonard Bernstein Concert Box Set" into Amazon's search field it doesn't find it! Very strange... For me this week will be the Leonard Bernstein Concert Box Set (but of course!) Wizard of Oz SE Titanic. Thanks again! Chris
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    Weekly RoundUp 10-25-2005

    Can't find the Leonard Bernstein Concert Box Set for the price listed above on Amazon. Found a 9-disc set of the Young People's Concerts for $119. Which one is the $69 set? Thanks for the weekly listing! Chris
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    Can I add a subwoofer to a 5 channel system?

    Yes, it is that simple. There is a good article on the Polk website about connecting a subwoofer.
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    Not very pleased with my SVS sub.....Yet

    As already mentioned, I would look at the gain setting, the position in the room and then correctly adjust the variable phase. My SVS is positioned next to my couch in a corner at the opposite end of the room from my front speakers, and it went from OK to WOW as the phase went from 0 to it's...
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    Questions on sound quality on ONKYO TX-SR701

    I noticed the same thing when I was shopping for new receivers a year ago. I did not care for the "sound" of the 701 no matter what speakers they were hooked up to. End up going with Marantz.
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    Hsu vt3 vs SVS pb12-isd help

    Both have been review head to head here. Great review with plenty of "real world" test and listening data. BTW, the old name for the PB12-ISD was PB1-ISD...
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    Coupon in Sunday papers for Shrek (2)?

    The StarKist $5 rebate is also online here.
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    DVDs with Isolated Soundtracks....recommendations?

    Best website I have seen with this info is here! They also have a list of DVDs with composer commentaries.
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    which to buy... sony, yamaha or onkyo

    Try this article...
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    What's better, too wide or too narrow?

    Since you have limited options, any chance of trying both and picking the location you like best?
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    free Socket 478 Barebone Kit / 350 Watt Power Supply after mail in rebate

    The gimic is you will need to buy all the other components and they hope you will buy them at the same time.