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    Warner Bros. – We Want A Richard Donner Re-Cut of Superman II

    I picked up the first copy in the box set release. But, I'd still jump at the chance at seeing the full-cut of this film and would gladly repurchase it. Chad
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    Thoughts on the Just Visiting DVD

    I just watched it the other night and must agree that the picture is outstanding as far as resolution goes. Buena Vista has really been putting out some sharp transfers lately. Taking advantage of the formats capability. The sound is equally superb. :) Unfortunately, the disc has not...
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    Usual Suspects: SE - still on track for November ?

    Last I heard, it was pushed back to 2002. Chad
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    BetterCables ULTRA component video cable-2 meter length.

    $55, includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. -cable is 2 meters in length(approx. 6 foot) -in perfect condition -will ship boxed -payments accepted: PAYPAL, money order, cashiers check I have a positive feedback rating of 89 at Ebay. If you want to check it out, my ebay user name is cdvar. Chad