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    Wall mural idea

    I have been trying to find movie related pictures, but something special.. not the flim reels and what not... something a little different. I think I am going to get some black frames and while we are out on our little weekend road trips snap some pictures of old theaters or at least their...
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Sorry for the absence guys, after I lost my job I spent all of my spare time looking for jobs and sulking and kind of put getting abike on the back burner. Since then, I have been riding bitch with my brother in law on his Vulcan Classic 1500. He took it up to 90+ a few times and I was both...
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    Sarah Silverman Program Season 2 thread

    I loved the premiere, I think it may have been her best show yet. My wife HATES her. I tried to get her to watch Jesus is Magic with me, but that did not work out so well. She tolerated Halfway Home and would watch it with me, but, it got canned. I thought it was a real hoot and I miss it.
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    Jonny, that would be a hoot but i'm pretty sure E.D would pop him in the nose.
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    Any other Ghost Hunters fans?

    I agree that the device may have easily been a fraud. When my wife and I were watching the show I found it really odd that this dude just "showed up" right before they started to investigate and then he pulled out his magic wand. I was a bit of a skeptic and told my wife that he HAS to ask some...
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    Well, she's not THAT tragic looking
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    My wife and I were both pleased with Dick getting HOH this week. I hope the HOH room is like black velvet walls with flame shooting up them and all things that scream ROCK AND ROLL. I can't wait to hear Kail's disgust about being betrayed and I am anxious to hear what Jen says as well...
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    All I know is Jen drives me crazy. I'm not sure she can even be considered good tv, I think she is borderline dangerous and needs to go home.
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    My first DIY TIKI mask

    Ron, that's pretty cool, I have had some ideas like that for our yard but they had to dig it up to lay new sewer line and they won't come fix the yard. Miss you at HTL.
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    Indy 500

    I have not been to the race for a few years, last one was rained out. I do try to get down to Carb day every year though. Last week was pretty fun. We skipped Kid Rock, spent way too much money, my feet were tired, I was hot and sweaty and exhaused after roaming around for 6 hours or so and its...
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    The BMW is not really my style. With all of this "free"time I went to the metric shop that was closed on Sunday. They just so happened to have a beautiful black Vulcan 1500, I think it was an 05 and had 16000 miles on it. It was pretty stock, no highway bars, no bags, no sheild etc. It did not...
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    (quote) If I get a sidecar bike, the dog will get to ride with me (/quote) Don't talk about your partner like that! Bikes, BBQ, Blues, what about babes and brews? If it includes at least one of the 2 that I added, I will walk there if I have to!
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Buzz, I googled Aspencash the other night, looks like a great time. I don't think I have ever seen so many bikes together at the same time before. Seems like it would be harder to loose your bike than a car at a mall parking lot. Also, what if you HAVE to get out, do you just push everybody out...
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Some of those don't look that bad, I have seen some that were just very overwhelming on a bike, those I don't like! I found out that there is a pretty well known ( locally) metric shop here and we headed down yesterday afternoon... they were closed for Sunday. I did not think anybody closed...
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    Slip-On shoe advice?

    I wear Dr. Martens slip on's that I picked up from Overstock.com for under $60. I have been wearing them for about 2 years now and they are showing hardly any sign of wear. I also have a pair of wing tips that I picked up pretty cheap. The slip on's have black threads around the sole instead of...