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    Looking for some not so Hot Wings recipes

    That sounds amazing, I will give that try this week!!!
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    Looking for some not so Hot Wings recipes

    Maybe its been the hockey games but I'm on a chicken wing craze!!! Lately I have been making wings with a bottle of Franks buffalo sauce and just dump the whole bottle in and cook them for 2 hours at 350 and then broil just to give a slight crunch. Now the chicken falls right off the bone...
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    Can anyone name this character?

    Just a thanks guys, it turned out to be a legit find. 5$ could turn into a lot more but for now might just keep it. Thank you so much for your help!!!
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    Can anyone name this character?

    I found this at a garage sale and i was curious if anyone knew who this character was?
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    Can a Steam Vacuum replace a regular vacuum

    I was lookliong at buying a steam vacuum cause my old vacuum recently died. «i was looking at this hoover one. http://www.epinions.com/reviews/pr-Hoover_F5912-900_Steam_Cleaner Jusat curious if this is acceptable. «Also is there any risks involving constant use of steam cleaning...
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    JFK & Amadeus - Holding Off Purchase Until ...

    Warner has done this with Any Given Sunday as well and would love to see the version I saw in the theaters again.
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    And the Defacto SAG strike begins in June?

    Well being a grip in the Vancouver Film industry I can personally say that 3 months of not working cause of the Writers strike not to mention the after affects I am dyign for this to get resolved!!
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    And the Defacto SAG strike begins in June?

    So what is happening in this strike? Are they close to resolving or is this coming down to the wire?
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    Hot Wings recipe

    well I guess just looking for any recipes of stuff that I can buy at a grocery store and create something nice and spicy. They really miss teh spicy foods of Mexico and I just want to make something for them that will make them sweat. Her brother adds literally half a big bottle of Tabasco to...
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    Hot Wings recipe

    I was hoping that someone here has a super hot wing recipe. My girlfriend and her brother have yet to reach their limits for something hot so I wanted to cook something most likely in the form of wings that really makes them sweat!! Does anyone have any recipes they know are tried and tested for...
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    HTF REVIEW: Futurama - Bender's Big Score

    I found this movie amazing and I loved all the little connections to the history of the how with the time travel. I hope the rest go just like this one!
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    DVD Review HTF HD-DVD Review: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

    Personally I'm just choked they didn't include the second movie cause that one was awesome as well!
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Bourne Ultimatum -- in HD

    I thought there was an earthquake going on I didn't know about and in one scene I think the guys shoulder covered 9/10 of the screen, just so gross photography. Personally I thought Doug Liman did the best job of them all and the action and pacing was better in the first one as well.
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    Where is the DARK CITY director's cut?

    Is there any new news on this? Even imdb has the runtime and i would think we would hear some news soon.
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    WGA set to strike - TV Season could be truncated/delayed

    Hope this is not a huge subject change but isnt SAG going to strile as well or is it the Directors guild?