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    Anamorphic Lens

    If anyone is interested, I also have the projection optics from both of these as well.
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    Anamorphic Lens

    Here's the Tegra C : https://goo.gl/photos/9dPCcmfCdFsz2KPAA
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    Anamorphic Lens

    I have another one, from a Runco VX-2C https://goo.gl/photos/erHgT5rU5CmsaExH8
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    Anamorphic Lens

    Tegra C Anamorphic Lens for sale, originally for a Runco VX4C. Make an Offer.
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    The Xbox Series X, Holiday 2020

    XB1 Installation problem: I installed several of these for a client right before the holidays, on one of his systems, going into a Marantz AV 7005 via HDMI, the XBX would come up with a green wash dominating the screen. I messed around with a few different settings in the Marantz and ended up...
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    WiiU Owner's Thread

    I certainly agree with you on Nintendo never letting me down. Even in the not-well-accepted Gamecube days, the GC was far and away my favorite system, as was the N64, as was the Wii. Nintendo has, is and probably shall be my favorite company in both software and hardware. I couldn't disagree...
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    WiiU Owner's Thread

    I may not fully understand the point of the Gamepad, or perhaps I'm not be it's target audience. It seems to me that the only thing the Gamepad gives me as a benefit is that I have a map or inventory management screen in my lap, or I can play games not on my TV. Why would I ever choose to shut...
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    WiiU Owner's Thread

    I certainly can't disagree with the idea of losing the Gamepad, if possible. I got the Classic controller, and it's the primary one I use, unless I have to do something else. The Gamepad is kinda heavy (for a controller) and usually the touch screen doesn't integrate into the games nearly as...
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    What are you playing right now?

    3DS: Fire Emblem & Link Between Worlds WiiU: Super Mario 3D World
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    WiiU Owner's Thread

    I ended up buying Super Mario 3D World after all, as I needed it for a Store display this holiday. It's really fun. It's pretty much the 3D evolution of New Super Mario Bros, with similar level layouts, and the multi-player being similar, but I think overall, I preferred the Mario Galaxy series.
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    WiiU Owner's Thread

    Super Mario 3D World is #1 on my list of post-holiday purchases. This game looks rock solid. The only thing about it that I haven't read too much about is how the single player is. All the reviews talk about the multi-player greatness, but I'm a solo player, and not looking for a party game...
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    Nintendo drops Wii U $50 due to poor sales

    My Wii was my most played system last gen, and I still use it. I picked up a WiiU day one, and it's been great. Right now I'm not using it much, as there's not much out there for it at the moment, but I'm looking forward to upcoming titles on the WiiU more than any release game for XB1 or PS4...
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    Do you buy used games from GameStop?

    in other words "We're going to wait until all this 'download stuff' settles down a bit until we can find a way to totally bone the consumer in a completely legal way, laughing maniacally as we stuff wads of money into our ears." The last bit wasn't really implied in the article, it was a just a...
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    Pikmin 3

    Which control type do you prefer, the gamepad, or the Wii-Mote+Nunchuck?
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    Bad news for Nintendo...

    The Wii really was my favorite system last gen. I had an XBX 360, but couldn't find a justification to even turn it on after I finished playing Tales of Vesparia, so I traded it for a PS3, which has a lot of great games, but the Wii had some of my favs: Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Metroid Prime...