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    charlotte, nc... what do you know?

    Jason L. hit the nail on the head. Since making the mistake of moving here 2.5 years ago, I've been told that I'm nothing, nobody, that I don't know my place, and that I should let my husband handle things. I'm single and have a Ph.D., thank you very much. When I traded my car from a Ford Focus...
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    Fence & Property Line Question

    Thanks for all the helpful advice! I've made an appointment with a local attorney specializing in real estate law for later this week. The property was surveyed when I bought it and the little flag is still there, having survived many weed-wackings by the neighbor's lawn service. And this is...
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    Fence & Property Line Question

    I'm a little worried that my neighbor has cleverly stolen a chunk of my property. I have a fenced in background where the fence is on my property by a good 1 to 2 feet and the neighbor's fence is connected to it, preventing me from accessing a small chunk of my land. None of this was...
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    High Tension Power Lines

    We have those running through our subdivision, as do many of the subdivisions around here. You can get the utility company out to measure what the lines emit, where it is, and whether it is harmful. Odds are, the house is much too far away to be affected. You can find more information about it...
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    How to keep a vanity sink clean.

    First, make sure your cleaner is appropriate for marble, otherwise the sink will dull and nothing will make it shiny again. I always use GelGloss which is like a spray-on car wax that you buff off of the cultured marble. That will keep it looking like new.
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    How can so many people be so stupid??

    This is the Zimbardo's prison experiment all over again...
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    Need cat advice

    The biggest doggie problem area had very recent cat urine on it. I yanked the carpet up and got the shock of my life. You can actually see stains in the OSB - that is not from my cats. With 2 bedroom out of 3 bedrooms out of commission I'm in for some very serious territorial disputes. I ran...
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    Need cat advice

    I introduced 2 new cats to the household almost a year ago now. Every few months since then, someone begins peeing outside the litterbox - it's always near the box, just not in it. I've tried lots of boxes, in lots of places. I'm using CatAttract litter and their favorite litter Scoop Away...
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    Pluto no longer a planet

    Who else has Schoolhouse Rock going through their head right now? And Pluto little Pluto is the planet farthest from the sun...
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    What makes you leave a company you've been a 12-yr customer?

    This is ironic. I left Amica when I watched their customer service go straight downhill. I found numerous problems with my homeowners insurance policy (e.g., claiming my house was 3 stories witha basement when it's 2 stories on a crawlspace). Similar to your experience with Geico I got a great...
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    Why can't anyone do a good job anymore? (RANT)

    It's 9:15am they just left and I'm still shaking. Two men showed up a little bit before 9 am, one in a red truck and another in a blue truck towing a trailer. The guy in the red truck said the other guy would remove all the caulk and replace it with what I want wanted. I asked for white...
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    Why can't anyone do a good job anymore? (RANT)

    It's 6:54am and the handyman company called me yesterday to say they would be here at 8:30. Two awning companies took a look at the awning yesterday. The first turned out to the original installer. He said the awning was most definitely removed and put back, but not in it's original place...
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    Why can't anyone do a good job anymore? (RANT)

    quote: i'd recommend renting a cherry picker to reach those windows and DIY. That is so brilliant!! I wonder if I could one past the fence gate into the back yard? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............
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    Cleaning ceramic tile floors

    I used to clean my tile floors using the cleaner available at's store. It worked great and doesn't damage anything. In fact, I just ordered some stone cleaner for my slate fireplace.
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    Why can't anyone do a good job anymore? (RANT)

    Well we'll see if they turn up on Thursday to properly clean and caulk the windows. I left a message about the awning and they haven't returned it. Hopefully I'll have 3 estimates on fixing the awning before the end of the week. One place said it sounded like the handymen busted the seal on it...