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    Pathos Classic One with Kef Q35.2 worth it?

    He is asking 1200 euros (which is around $1680) which is a good price really... I am not in the US, so don't compare with the price over there lol... might be too much for US market but good here.. I wouldn't buy it for the looks at all, it looks good yes, but I will not spend that much...
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    Pathos Classic One with Kef Q35.2 worth it?

    Hi folks, I have a pair of Kef Q35.2s which are hooked to a NAD C320bee. I have been happily using this very subtle and old setup for almost a decade. Now a colleague of mine is selling his Pathos Classic One for a good price (but still pretty expensive compared to my system components) and I...
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    Getting loud hum from turntable. How to eliminate?

    Instead of opening the table I am thinking to ground it by attaching a wire to the base of thr tonearm to the amp. Is that a good idea or any potential risks?
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    Getting loud hum from turntable. How to eliminate?

    Hi. I have been using a Pro-ject Debut II tt and was hooking it to my Denon receiver with no problems. However, I decided to replace the tt with my old Rotel rp5300. Hooked it to the NAD stereo amp through a phono stage, and I am getting loud humming out of it now. The ground wire does not help...
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    Swapping Polk RMS II Satellites for Bose 201s?

    Why don't you try and find out?
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    Blind Comparisons of Various Audio Equipment

    I have the understanding from what I have read' from what I know and from my limited experience that audio equipment which is beyond a certain quality and power treshold reproduces same sound. It has been very easy to distinguish the sound difference when I added an entry level integrated...
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    NAD c320bee to receiver

    I wasn't after sound improvement, actually what I was trying to say was replacing my old speakers with smaller bookshelves for movies did not cause any deterioration in the sound. I now have two different set ups for HT and music at same point in my room, bookshelves on Kefs. Maybe that was not...
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    NAD c320bee to receiver

    Hi all. I have been using my HT setup since about 4 years and it stayed as an entry level setup as was... Only last evening I bought a NAD c320bee thinking it would improve my 2 ch listening, but right after buying it I realised that if I added that to my system through the receiver preouts, I...
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    *** Official WAR OF THE WORLDS Discussion Thread

    I don't know if these had been brought up before I haven't read all the thread. It was interesting for me to hear that the kid's homework was France's invasion of Algeria. Kind of anti European. The second surprising dialogue after all what has been going on in Iraq was Tim Robbins saying...
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    *** Official WAR OF THE WORLDS Review Thread

    I went to see this film with lots of expectations after watching several trailers which were great. One word: Terrible. I am utterly disappointed, and also very surprised to see that this film gets very high ratings here. The name of the film is even misleading. War of the worlds...
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    Can you name this French movie?

    Two guys, one of them is divorced and sad, the other is younger. They live in a small coastal village and all they dream for is to open a cafe on the beach. The young actor's name was Vincent IIRC. In the end they open the place and I remember they paint the wooden chairs they'd collected in...
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    calibrating sub level

    Analog SPL meters tend to get stuck sometimes, this happened to me several times. The meter somehow gets stuck but not totally, it kind of loses its sensitivity. Shaking it gets it back in shape.
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    How to get bugs(leggy kind) out of NAD 1equipment

    This reminded me my old Scirocco with a large family of badass bugs living inside the dash... I killed them with raid. Try petting a spider till he takes care of the bugs.
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    What movie do you belong in? Note: Your choice, not determined by the quiz.

    Fight Club was chosen for me in the quiz as well. Although it is a pretty close outcome, the one I would LIKE to be in is The Big Blue. With one condition; I will get to be in Pulp Fiction during winters!
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    What movie do you belong in?

    Another Fight Clubber here.