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    Powering on system with receiver? how to?

    I use a combination of a power center with switched outlets and 12v triggers to get everything to turn on/off with my processor.
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    I used to race mine across the floor. Take bets and see which one wins. I have my twins on Auralex Gramma pads. They don't move and it tightened up the bass quite a bit on my hardwood floor. http://www.cube17576.com/images/svs1646.jpg
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    Veronica Mars Season 2

    Does anybody else think the season finale should ahve been 2 hours? They cramed so much into such a short time. I would have loved to see a bunch of scenes expanded to show the character's emotions better.
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    Do I need amps?

    I don't think you will need a seperate power amp. But the B&W speakers will most likely sound slightly better with a dedicated power amp.
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    Anthem Owners

    I have an AVM20 (v2.20). They are both basically the same. That is a pretty good price on a new AVM30. I love my Anthem. It works great, and sounds great. Paths 2 are 3 are a hair noisy, but only when compared to the superb main zone. I also love Anthem's commitment to upgrading their...
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    DVR says 100% full when its not!

    How do you know it is 100% full? (or 3% full?) Is it deleting a program before recording the new one? Is it using Moxi? I have a Moxi box and here is what I think you might be seeing: If you have a bunch of series scheduled to record, it will caculate how much space it will need. If...
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    Any issues with placing subwoofer in armoire?

    Yes, big issues. Make sure the sub is front firing and front ported. You don't want any energy going into the cabinet. If the armoire has a door, it will have to be taken off, or remain open. The last option of a mesh insert is not very good. When you put the sub in there, you will have to...
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    Onkyo HT-R510 not passing HDTV

    Check all your settings again. Something might have changed the component input assignments.
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    Paradigm Studio 100s vs. Paradigm Monitor 11s?

    As far as filling the room with sound and bass, either will be fine. The difference is in the quality of the sound. Anything in the Studio line sounds much better.
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    'DEAL, OR NO DEAL?' Great show, anyone watching?

    Of course you do. There is a 99% chance that you picked 1 of the 99 wrong doors. Monty showed you the other 98 wrong doors, leaving you to switch to the correct door. In order for your 50/50 odds to be correct, Monty would have to show random doors, which would mean he would probably end...
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    'DEAL, OR NO DEAL?' Great show, anyone watching?

    That is incorrect. You have to look at it this way: Your original pick had a 66% chance of being one of the wrong doors. Monty showed you the other wrong door, leaving a 66% chance that when you switch you will win. Or try this: The prize is in door C Opt1: You pick A. He has to...
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    Is it bad to leave my sub 'always on'?

    I'm on both sides of the debate. My monoblock amps (used for my music speakers) stay on 24/7. My 7 channel amp and my sub amp click off when I shut off my processor (via 12v triggers). I do think my monoblocks sound slightly better warmed up. But I have not had any issues with either staying on...
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    Lexicon MC1 Vs Anthem AVM20

    I own an AVM20 and is great. They have updated it to the latest formats (PLIIx). There is even rumor that they will offer another hardware upgrade to add HDMI switching along with the D2. So the unit might still live on. The Anthem is also the king in features. I personally use all 4 paths...