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    Movable Ceiling-Mounted Projector?

    What size picture are you going for? What are the biggest and smallest sizes? That would help. Also, 7 feet from the ground puts the image pretty close to the floor. Make sure you measure that off as well.
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    Composite versus Component

    What is the difference in physical makeup of a 3 RCA plug composite cable, and a 3 RCA plug component cable?
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    HDTV Calibration???

    I just got Avia today. I'm trying to calibrate with a Samsung 4663 DLP and a Samsung HD941 DVD player through HDMI. None of the test really work. Am I doing something wrong? It won't even allow me to go to the tint section.
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    Upscaling/HDef DVD Player merged thread

    I just received my Samsung HD941 tonight. I immediately hooked it up to my Samsung 4663 DLP TV. My wife and son had just finished Ice Age using a 3 year old sony progressive scan through S-Video. I put Ice Age back in and watched about 10 minutes on the 941. We were absolutely blown away with...
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    Location of FP Image on Wall

    I don't. I will have a single row. I don't want it high, I want it about 30" off the floor. How high do I need to mount my projector off the floor, if projecting a 100" picture? Can anyone answer this?
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    is it ok to use play XBOX on a big screen CRT TV?

    I played my playstation and then XBox on an RCA 52" CRT RPTV for over 5 years and never had ANY screen burn in of ANY type.
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    Wall mounting bookshelves question

    Don't use a toggle bolt. Look at your local home store for some different drywall anchors. They make ones that will hold up to 75lbs without a stud. I have used them on all kinds of stuff.
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    Upscaling/HDef DVD Player merged thread

    Did you recalibrate when switching between players? If not, it's not a true comparison.
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    Upscaling/HDef DVD Player merged thread

    I have a Samsung TV, so I bought a Samsung 941. It showed better than the 950 on 3rd party tests, and it was $25 cheaper than the 850 sells at BB or CC. I bought it on eBay. I don't have it yet, but I'm anticipating its arrival. The Sony 5-disc changer will then begin duty on my Infocus 4805.
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    Wall mounting bookshelves question

    Do you have a picture of these installed?
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    Surround Sound - Worth it?

    $300 isn't going to get you a [email protected]#s sub, or a high end receiver. If that's your budget, I'd say get a center and used sub.
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    FP Ceiling Mount

    I just recently bought an Infocus 4805 FP. I need to mount it to the ceiling. I know that a number of people make their own mounts, but I don't have time for that right now (unless someone can send me some real good plans). I also don't want to pay $150 for a retail mount. I've been scouring...
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    Anyone with a Projector *and* a TV?

    I use a 46" Samsung DLP for daily viewing and some movies. The Infocus 4805 is dedicated movies, Xbox, or football. They are in different rooms, however.
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    Underwhelmed by SVS in new room

    Thanks Ron. Tom has been helpful too. I'm gathering all the data, then will try some options. Does SVS have a trade-up program? You should. Brian
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    Underwhelmed by SVS in new room

    Okay, then since my old place opened up in several places, I guess you'd say they are then equal. Your point about having to add a subwoofer is noted. But please understand that I had the subwoofer sized for the LARGER SPACE when I bought it, and it is underperforming currently. Yes, I...