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    The Road to the SuperBowl: The NFL Playoffs

    please give us eagle fans more credit than that. sure, there will be a few jerks who will try to tear up the place win or lose, but most of us will be our usual law-abiding selves. eagles fans do not get a fair shake at all. we are the best in football, in any sport!! it is a shame that a few...
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    My pc has no video out...

    I'm pretty sure you need to get a video card that has video out. Brian
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    The Young Ones on dvd 17/9

    Does anyone know the names of all 12 episodes? I'm not sure of exactly how many I have seen. Also, doesn't this seem a bit pricey for 12 episodes? Won't stop me from buying it, just wondering. Brian
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    And you thought you were good at Tetris?

    Greg, I love collapse!! What an addictive game! Brian
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    Rush out and buy your own teleporter today!

    Another good book on the subject is Michael Crichton's "Timeline" which, ironically, I am reading right now. I also believe it is being made into a movie, but I'm not 100% sure of that. Brian
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    Buffy Musical DVD in yesterday's Variety

    I really hope this influences the Emmy voters, but I'm pretty sure we will be shut out once again! Jeff, glad to see you got yourself a copy. When you played it, were you half-expecting to see a Flyers game?? hahaha!! Sorry, couldn't resist. Oh, and yeah, I'd love to have one of those shiny...
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    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

    Two points: 1. It appears to me that every time Yoda mentions Anakin bringing "balance" to the force, he says it as though it is a good thing. This puzzles me given the possible explanations already given. 2. I do not believe Anakin will cross over to the dark side until he kills...
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    The unofficial (so far) fall schedules thread

    Have the networks, particularly NBC, announced which shows will be broadcast in HD this Fall? Also curious if Monday Night Football will be in HD. Brian
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    Do cell phone towers present a health hazard?

    I recently found out that a call phone tower is to be erected on a hill behind our house. Since many communities oppose the towers saying that the emitted radiation can cause cancer, I figured I would ask the members of the HTF if this is true. Please base your answers on fact and not...
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    Yuengling Beer

    Al, Good to know there is someone else from the coal region on the HTF!!! As for Yuengling, what can I say? It is the only domestic, non-microbrew that I will drink. The Black and Tan is my favorite with Lager a close second. I believe it is still only available in certain states, but...
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    Problem with HD on Toshiba 57H81. Please help!!

    Well, I solved this problem for him by simultaneously running s-video to a separate input on the tv, so all he has to do is switch input sources for HD viewing. But . . . Since I have not yet talked him into using a receiver for his tv audio, he still has a problem. Only one of the tv...
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    Problem with HD on Toshiba 57H81. Please help!!

    My Dad just got a Scientific Atlanta 3100HD set top box today from his cable company. He has it connected via component video to his Toshiba 57H81. Prior to today, he had digital cable and would view everything in the "theaterwide 1" mode which worked great. Now, when he tries to watch any...
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    HDTV connection question

    Just to clarify, the reason I am asking this is that my Dad just got a Toshiba 57H81 and his cable provider just began providing HD channels. He called them today to order it and they are bringing the box on Thursday. They didn't say anything to him about having to get his own caables, so...
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    Toshiba 57H81 coming today. Need help!!

    Andy, What I'm saying is that I can't do anything to the contrast as it is locked. I can't even access it with the remote. When I select "movie" mode (or any - i tried), it skips right to brightness. Brian